The greatest laser of all: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for April 15-21

@MER11: The Kid: What's the strongest thing in the world? Me: Love. The Kid: I was thinking more like lightsabers.

Last week, we learned that Star Wars is soon going to be an annual experience, Patton Oswalt got his fanboy on (the female part really is underwritten) and… Some other stuff. Onward!

Best #StarWars tweets for April 15-21

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The Kid: What’s the strongest thing in the world? Me: Love. The Kid: I was thinking more like lightsabers.MER11
Our condolences to friends and family of Richard LeParmentier aka Admiral Motti. He was the first to fall to #Vadering #starwars #wampatownWampatown
Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept for Jabba the Hutt, the beginnings of the villainous slug. #CharacterOfTheWeek Wars
If you have never used your Jedi Powers to make a traffic light green, lived you have not.Michael A Stackpole
In an alternate universe, L Ron Hubbard sells his multimillion selling series to Warner Bros., while George Lucas started a cult.asatiir
So…introduced daughters to my original Star Wars figures. 5 min later, I find this. Yes; that’s dancing. #sob Baker
And if you’re obsessed with Boba Fett, bless. Because man, any idiot could kill Han Solo and he failed repeatedly.Chance!
A little disappointed at a colleague who couldn’t name “…You know …that little round droid from Star Wars” (What do they teach them?!)Archie Wisco
Growing up, I was picked on a lot for being the biggest star wars fan EVER. According to the internet, that now makes me a boss. #delusionalJonathan Brown

Disney, Episode VII and etc.

If one two-hour film per year is enough to over-saturate the Star Wars market, Star Wars has been over-saturated since 1977.Brian
I apologize now to anyone I see the new Star Wars films w/ the 1st time cause I might just sob uncontrollably the whole time. NEW STAR WARS.Heather Alyse
CinemaCon: Universal counters Disney’s yearly Star Wars plan with announcement of weekly Fast and the Furious movies until the end of time.Eric Goldman
A new Star Wars film every year? Get ready to see that cow milked DRY. A Star Wars film should be an EVENT, like Christm – wait thats yearlyThe Mighty Lorenzo
A Star Wars movie every summer starting 2015? I’m going to put my head in a bucket of water full of piranhas while I puke in excitement. ByeRyan Malin
Patton Oswalt’s Episode VI
My one problem with the Patton Oswalt Star Wars monologue is that I don’t buy that Leslie Knope wouldn’t know who Mandalorians are #nerdloveAlyssa Rosenberg
How the hell did those extras NOT bust out laughing during Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Episode VII pitch? Now THOSE extras are pros!Aldrin Francisco
The only thing I felt was missing from @pattonoswalt’s #StarWars pitch for @parksandrecnbc was that there was no mention of Lil’ Sebastian.Consetta Parker

The Expanded Universe

Put third designed pass of Making of ROTJ into box for publisher–98% done. Is moment when I bid editorial adieu. Two years of work–done.J. W. Rinzler
Just sent the jacket layout files for MAKING OF #STARWARS RETURN OF THE JEDI to the printer for press proofing. You’ll see soon. @jwrinzlerStarWarsBooks
@KevinHearne’s outline for his EMPIRE AND REBELLION novel made me laugh out loud. Multiple times. That’s a first. (FP) #SWEU #StarWarsStarWarsBooks
Don’t ever agree to reread the majority of the #SWEU for a blog. It will only end in tears and more lost sanity.Bria
On Saturday, the @RebelLegion made me an honorary member. They even made me an X-Wing pilot’s uniform #StarWars #SWEU Taylor
Five chapters into Crucible. It’s…something. #SWEUEric Geller
4 specific names on the Dramatis Personae for Crucible have me very excited. #SWEUAaron Goins
Finished Timothy Zahn’s CHOICES OF ONE. Was a fun read. Want more Nuso Esva-Thrawn showdown. Zahn definitely knows how to write Han. #SWEUGajo Rasic

Star Wars life

Every time I write the word "TODAY" on my phone. It autocorrects to "YODA". #StarWars #NerdMarianna
I don’t understand why I can’t write a paper on the governments of the Star Wars universe and automatically pass Poli Sci?Anders Hansen
I don’t have enough appropriate clothes for four days a week of meetings. I wonder if the ad guys liked my Star Wars t-shirt yesterday.Felicia D’Ambrosio
On a scale from one to tuberculosis, WebMD says this migraine is likely to kill me. I’ve already made my peace with the Star Wars prequels.Jen Stayrook
The lady at the fabric store assumed I had boys, ya know – cause of all the #StarTrek #starwars and #batman fabric I just bought. Silly ladyLaura L. Rosado


I don’t want to sound racist but all stormtroopers look the same to me. @starwarsJoel
The actor who played admiral Motti in Star Wars died. I think Vader finally got him for insulting his religion.Kyle Martinak
Snarky Yoda is the best Yoda. "Aww, cannot get your ship out?"Paul Ens

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  1. Great selection (as always). At least I think it was great. My mind went on a nice little stroll right after the Lucas/Hubbard switch. :D

  2. So… did I miss the Dramatis Personae for Crucible or is it only known to the lofty among us at the moment?

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