The Great Heep: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Nov. 19-25

Last week, we all watched the movies on Spike (except Return of the Jedi, since they held it for Monday,) are still talking about Episode VII, has philosophical debates about Angry Birds Star Wars, and Gail Simone discovered that midiclorians are periods. As you do.

Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Nov. 19-25

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IV, V, I, II, VII, VIII, Caravan of Courage, III, IX, The Great Heep, VI, Willow – the new viewing order #trustmePablo Hidalgo
I’m almost at the point where I assume Lucasfilm is holding out on revealing who’s directing Episode VII just to help out film blog traffic.Josh Spiegel
I made a heart for you in Angry Birds #StarWars Goins
I dont know about you guys, but I’d watch the shit out of the #StarWars Channel if there was one.Pat Dwyer
I would listen to nothing but audio books if they were read by Billy Dee Williams #starwars #1995vhs #landoKerry Anderson

Watching the movies

"Nobody bitch slaps my Padawan but me!" #OHMYGAWDITSONTV #ClubJadeQuotesrosiewook
No matter how much #StarWars nerds pretend to hate the prequels…if they are on, we will watch. #truthCaitlin J. Stout
Somebody needed to look at Padme Amidala and say, "these are warning signs, girl. Run". #StarWars #YouMarriedDarthVaderKarson Autry
Totally forgot that Jar-Jar Binks was the one who created the Empire. Way to go Jar-Jar. #StarWarsBrad Lewis
If only carving a turkey were as easy as Obi-Wan slicing up Anakin. #OHMYGAWDITSONTVrosiewook
I prefer to believe that Padme was fatally injured by Darkside energy. A way better explanation than a broken heart. #OHMYGAWDITSONTVrosiewook
#StarWars is on @SpikeTV. There’s a program description? It should simply read "Really? You don’t know? It’s fucking Star Wars."Just a guy. Like you
"Where is the Ambassador?" Turns out the Ambassador was in a State Room on the other side of the ship. Way to jump the gun, Darth. #StarWarsKhara House
It’s a little-known fact that George Lucas was just crazy enough to blow up an actual planet for the shot in #StarWarsZachary Potts
Love how Luke introduces himself as though he expects people to know who he is. #starwarsFires In Your Eyes
The trash compactor scene made me think: "Why would the Death Star compact trash when it would be jettisoned into space?" #NerdElizabeth Dibble
Watching #StarWars. When Luke says to Han "I guess that’s what you’re BEST at" I turned to hubs, "It’s like they’re married." Hubs agreed.Sue London
Just realized that Wedge Antilles doesn’t receive a medal at the end of Episode 4. That’s pretty messed up. #StarWarsCorey Mullane
This is how long the commercial breaks are on @SpikeTV during their #StarWars broadcasts. #ridiculous.
I had a Star wars question about Mos Eisley (still can’t spell it though)… lucky I could go straight to the source! No need to google LMAOAmanda Lucas
The amount of calm these men show when Darth Vader randomly chokes their coworkers is unnerving… #StarWarsNReynolds
I would just like to point out that the use of silence when Luke & Vader first meet is perfection. Like these movies. #StarWarsSonny McCall
Obi-Wan Kenobi is right up there with Glenda the Good Witch when it comes to withholding vital information. #StarWarsKhara House
Leia that’s the second time in this movie you’ve kissed your bro on the mouth. You’re making everyone uncomfortable. #starwarsAmanda Heisey
Can we agree to change it from "Slave Leia" costume to "Jabba-Killin’ Leia" costume? #cosplay #starwarsEthyl Cannes
@EthylCannes Complete with Chain of +1 Killing Sexual Assaulting Bastards.Louisa


Hoping that #starwars 7 will feature the hilarious animated adventures of Anakin and Palpatine in the afterlife voiced by Seth McFarlane.Keith McIntosh
The more I think about Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, the more I hope they develop/patent handheld holograms. #Palmograms, if you will.Chris Vechsler
If the sequel trilogy looks as good as the prequels but a story like the originals I am absolutely satisfiedAndy
Writing a blog post tonight and found myself saying "all six Star Wars films." Feels a little short-sighted all the sudden. #EpisodeVIICole Horton
I’d be up for Star Wars Episode VIII: Body Heat. (Or was that Episode III?) #KasdanYZ Freedman
RUMOR ALERT: #StarWarsEpisodeVII to feature title and plot, possibly credits, according to sources familiar with the production.Eric Geller
Imagine if Daniel-Day Lewis said, "Fuck it. I love money" and played a Jedi in Episode VII.Jamie


Just had a philosophical debate with my 9 year old explaining why Star Wars Angry Birds isn’t part of the expanded Star Wars universe.Kyle Ausbrooks
Thrawn, or Dr Doolittle? #starwars #SWEU @infinata @HolocronKeeper Hidalgo
BREAKING: @wilco Needlessly Pads Geek Cred; Records "I’m a Whill" 7" for Exclusive Distribution at Star Wars Expanded Universe ConventionMPH
Darth Plagueis was part history, part intriguing, part boring, part exciting, and overall somewhat disappointing: non-answer answers #SWEURyan Malin
Okay. Went back and read those Thrawn "Star Wars" novels. Any fanboy who hates the prequels but wants those as films completely baffles me.Drew McWeeny

Star Wars life

I don’t know about you but I always have to eat products w/my face on it- plus I had to make sure it wasnt decades old Hamill
"Everyone goes out like a bitch in Star Wars. That’s the thing! It’s like real life." – @JoeyEsposito.Eric Goldman
My fav 3 yr old boy was wearing a shirt w/ C-3PO & R2-D2. When I asked who they were, he replied "Goldy Pants and R2D!!". #luv #starwarsNash’s Mom

Midiclorians are periods!

Oh, Gail Simone.
I’m feeling very puffy and uncomfortable with the midichlorians tonight. I think I have PJS.GailSimone
@geekifiedgirl Michelle, do you ever have days where your midichlorians make you feel…not so fresh?GailSimone
Actually, this WOULD explain a lot about Annakin going on a killing rage. #thelightsaberisanapplicator.GailSimone
I just solved Star Wars. The midichlorians are periods.GailSimone
Think about it, everyone who has midichlorians is horny or cranky, and the stuff they makes no sense, and they want to kill their boss.GailSimone
Why does child want to kill parent and vice versa? Midichlorians are periods.GailSimone
Why does student resent teacher? Midichlorians are periods.GailSimone
@GailSimone Why does Anakin have an irrational hatred for sand? #MidichloriansArePeriodsSmash-It Sid
Why is Luke drawn to unhealthy blue milk junk food while rejecting delicious and nutritious Degobah stew? Midichlorians are periods.GailSimone
@GailSimone Why does Yoda’s grammar suck? Periods, midichlorians are.Larime Taylor
Luke goes wild after seeing hot video of his sister. Midichlorians are periods, yo.GailSimone
@GailSimone It would explain why so many nerds were so aghast at their existence.KarenStewart
Luke starts wearing all black, listening to dirges…midichlorians, they are, how you say, periods.GailSimone
Wampa is just being friendly, Luke practically bites his head off. Periods and midichlorians? The SAME.GailSimone
@GailSimone Vader invites Luke for some family time, Luke completely loses his shit. Midichlorians = periods.LJC
The emperor has the most midichlorians. BEWARE that douche! Midichlorians remain, as ever, your faithful period, sir.GailSimone
@therealchoch @gailsimone Don’t forget how he stole Luke’s lunch and made him carry him around like a backpack. Periods. Or Yoda is batshit.Cecilia
"You never do what I wanna do! Why don’t you just cut my limbs off and imprison me in a robot hat!!!" Midichlorians are definitely periods.GailSimone
All the kids in Luke’s 3rd grade class had to watch a film about midichlorians. It was uncomfortable for all. Periods.GailSimone
Darth is all like crabby at Obi-Wan, starting a fight about some shit Obi Wan did years ago…Definitely periods, those midichlorians.GailSimone
Before Darth Maul’s midichlorians flare up each month, he looks like Ron Howard.GailSimone
Remember that scene in CARRIE, where they were all shouting and throwing midichlorians at her?GailSimone


Ewoks’ brought the turkey. #starwars Skywalker

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