The fandom purity test

How much has fandom corrupted you? I am 56.0% fandom pure, but only because there were no questions about blogging. (via)

10 Replies to “The fandom purity test”

  1. No, “purity” means you’re not in fandom. So if you’re more pure, you’re less corrupt than Dunc.

    I’m only 47% fandom pure, meaning I’m 53% fandom corrupt. More corrupt than both of you! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  2. I have been deemed 62% fandom pure (or 38% fandom corrupt). I dare say if I were into art as much as I were fic and vidding, that score would be a bit more inflated. ; )

  3. I’m 49% corrupt/51% pure. I don’t see how that’s possible… I’m a member of HP fandom for crying out loud!

  4. I am 44% pure/56% corrupt. I have a feeling I should not be proud about this. And that I should reconsider paying my seamstress best friend to make me a Jedi costume. Ahem. >.>

  5. Stooge: I think of this kind of blogging and LJ as rather different. I answered them, but I do a lot of stuff for CJ that I would never bother with on my LJ.

    Paula: Keep dreaming, Ms. Gate Stuff. ;)

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