The fandom minute: Bathrooms, mummies, roller derby, games, and cake (always cake)

I have a feeling no one actually uses this. Tour the Star Wars bathroom. And if they do, I feel very sorry for whoever has to clean it.

Fanmade. Mummy Boy-customs by Leecifer.

Event. The Indiana 501st and Rebel Legion are heading out to cheer on battling roller derby teams at Cyclone Wars this weekend. (via)

Lists. Jennifer Volpe’s Top Ten Best ‘Star Wars’ Games. I’m taking a strange ornery pride in the fact that I haven’t played a single one. (Please don’t tell me to start. Some people don’t read: I don’t game.)

And finally, cake. You know it’s love when she makes you a Star Destroyer.

2 Replies to “The fandom minute: Bathrooms, mummies, roller derby, games, and cake (always cake)”

  1. That video games list is bizarre.. no TIE Fighter or Dark Forces? Battlefront second? Shadows of the Empire?!

  2. That game list is terrible. It’s a tremendous shrine to style over substance, and while some of the items certainly deserve to be on the list, they’re on there for… well… kind of the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, much like the rest of the EU, you have to wade through some real crap to find the good stuff.

    Also, Jennifer: Just because Bounty Hunter lets you play as a Mando, doesn’t excuse everything else about it being rushed and terrible, and it certainly doesn’t makes it one of the ten best games ever. Excellent controls? Did we play the same game?

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