The Clone Wars: S2 is out of the gate


‘Holocron Heist’ and ‘Cargo of Doom’ have aired (or will be shortly.) Your thoughts?

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(Bonus: Word on the street is that the episodes will be appearing online Monday, instead of Friday, this season.)

10 Replies to “The Clone Wars: S2 is out of the gate”

  1. I like the show, but anyone else finds it annoying, that there’s always some kind of music playing? No silence at all. It kills the dialogues and drives me mad.

  2. If this doesn’t work for you, you’re probably not that into Star Wars. This was really good.

  3. …Or you’re just not all that interested in this particular era or characters.

    I watched about twenty minutes total – it was okay, better than some of what I saw last season – but they didn’t hold my interest all that much and I ended up switching to Glee (on the DVR.) But I guess I’m just not that into Star Wars, as the thousands of blog entries I’ve written on this very site can attest. :P (Or I just really, really love goofy high school singing comedies.)

    Seriously now, Star Wars is just too big to love or care about everything equally. More power to you if you can, but it’s not really a safe assumption in a such a large, multi-faceted fandom.

  4. Cad Bane must have a ysalamir in his pocket, because when he’s around all of the Jedi seem to forget they can use the Force.

  5. Guys, come on. Enjoyable opening episode(s) for the season, but compared to the rest of the series, that’s not really saying much. The best episode of last season was with the finale, with, guess who, Bane and the gang. They’re pretty much proving that if all else fails, add in a cool bounty hunter. I don’t really think that shows, especially “The Clone Wars,” should have a more interesting bounty hunter/villain character than, let’s say, a Jedi padawan/hero to the character who is prophesied to “bring balance to the Force.” Ahsoka failed as an enjoyable, interesting character. They’re bringing in the backup. Simple as that.

    My favorite part of the show is still the stupid droid quotes. But maybe it’s just cause I enjoy listening to my 11-year-old sister laugh at the comedy that I probably wouldn’t be laughing at myself.

    @Clark, I couldn’t help but laugh at your statement. So true.

  6. Scoke, there’s not liking the show and then there’s getting carried away with not liking it. Chill out on the second bit, okay?

  7. Scoke’s right – droid humor in those episodes was at a peak. Droid humor is awesomeness.

    and Clark’s got a point which always bugs me – the Jedi in the show seem to always leave the Force switch flicked to ‘off’ when it comes to sensing what is around them. maybe it’s part of that ‘dark side clouds everything’

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