The Clone Wars continues Maul’s machinations with ‘Shades of Reason’

Darth Maul has assembled his army from the underworld, and his next step is to help Pre Vizsla take over Mandalore from Duchess Satine, in this week’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – ‘Shades of Reason’. Interesting title for a storyline about the action-heavy Sith Lord. Once viewed as an instrument of rage, he’s now taken on the mantle of mastermind. In the clip above, he spells out his plan to his allies. Satine gets upstaged by Pre Vizsla when publicly addressing the crisis manufactured by Maul, in the clip below.

And in an exclusive clip on, some Pykes and Falleen engage in some old-fashioned thuggery, by robbing a vault. With Savage Opress on their team, they manage to gun down the guards without firing a shot. Get a little more insight on the players at the official site, or catch up with Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer as they discuss last week’s ‘Eminence’TCW-515-ShadesOfReason

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