J. J. Abrams to direct Episode VII? (Yes, he is.)

J. J. Abrams on the set of Star Trek

UPDATE: Confirmed!

The Wrap is reporting that J. J. Abrams will be directing Episode VII, despite several denials. They say that Kathleen Kennedy “has been courting” the Star Trek director for the job.

For something slightly more solid, frequent Abrams co-producer Roberto Orci says the rumors are true. And the official Twitter of the Kennedy/Marshall Co. – Kathleen Kennedy’s production company – tweeted a link to Rolling Stone’s Abrams article. But I’m still waiting for that Death Star to sing.

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.The Wrap’s source, “an individual with knowledge of the production,” says that Ben Affleck (Argo) was also in the mix.

Variety is also reporting that Lucasfilm “is closing the deal” with Abrams. The Hollywood Reporter‘s sources also say that negotiations are in progress. The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly also seem pretty sure about it.

Will this pan out, or has April Fools come early this year? Stay tuned, and remember nothing is confirmed until we hear it from StarWars.com.

In any case, prepare for a slew of lame Star Wars vs. Star Trek lens flare jokes.

13 Replies to “J. J. Abrams to direct Episode VII? (Yes, he is.)”

  1. I bet it’s legit. We were expecting an announcement at the end of January anyway, and c’mon, Abrams is the king of fakeouts. Remember Lost and Alias? Those shows took a perverse pleasure in messing with their fans.

    Truth be told, though, he’s become the go-to guy for nostalgia. He’s probably a good choice.

  2. If this is true, I could totally live with it.

    I’ll laugh and laugh and laugh if StarWars.com confirms on a Friday evening the way they did Arndt, though.

  3. I’m willing to bet the rumour started with someone who only heard half the story you mentioned in December, and didn’t hear the part reported in Empire magazine where he turned it down. But I’ve been wrong before.

  4. George Lucas has publicly said he’s a big fan of Lost. Moreover, Abrams has experience with sci-fi action films (Star Trek). It makes sense.

  5. Considering he made a better “Star Wars” movie than the prequels by…making a Star Trek movie, it would be nice (and interesting) if it were true. The cynical (and ready to be disappointed) part of me agrees with Silly Dan that this is confusion + old news, but then again….

  6. Well, if LFL wanted to create a hype wave by leaking this they certainly succeeded. And if it was just some guy trying to prove to the world that seemingly respectable news outlets don’t know fact from fiction anymore, that worked just as well. ;-)

  7. I just love watching how crazy everyone gets.

    If I were Lucasfilm, I’d plunk out “leaks” just to have fun laughing at everyone freaking out.

    But I do hope something comes out soon, one way or another. We have so much more interesting rumor-mongering to do besides who’s directing.

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