The catchup: Galaxy’s Edge reservations, is Rise of Skywalker going to SDCC?

Fans without hotel reservations will be able to make reservations for Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland on May 2. The reservations are free, but you will need a park ticket or be a passholder to get one. The system only applies in California – when the Florida version is up in August it’ll be open to all immediately. Speaking of Disney World, here’s some rumored name and theming details for the Star Wars hotel that’s still in the planning stages.

Could J.J. Abrams and The Rise of Skywalker take Star Wars back to San Diego Comic-Con? The answer, as always, is maybe. But the 2015 panel (and afterparty!) for The Force Awakens was pretty epic, so let’s hope for a repeat. won 5 2019 Webbys, including one for the Solo red carpet.

Mark Hamill doesn’t think Luke was a virgin. As a survivor of the late ’90s shipping wars, my duty is to bring you this information and never, ever talk about it again. Thank you for your consideration.