TGIF: Santa Maul is in favor of Jedi (Sith) Ninjas

Since it is the appropriate season for an action sequence, Santa Maul heartily endorses this video.

3 Replies to “TGIF: Santa Maul is in favor of Jedi (Sith) Ninjas”

  1. It physically hurts watching this, seeing how the prequels could have awesome lightsaber duels and instead ended up with some of the most boring fight scenes in motion picture history (with Episode I being the obvious exception). Oh the horror… The horror…

  2. Aaron, are you seriously telling me the fight between Anakin and Obi-wan was no good? It’s the best fight scene I’ve seen. Ever.


  3. I think the reason fights like these seem “better” is because they don’t have to follow the cinematic rules of Star Wars. For instance, there are no steady cam shots in Star Wars, neither are their myriads of sith or super kung-fu jedi. That being said, this video is incredibly awesome! Maybe we’ll get fights like this in the live action TV show?

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