Teaser: Star Trek Into Darkness

Yeah, it took me a few seconds to realize that it isn’t Patrick Stewart monologuing the voiceover, too. (Doesn’t sound like Benedict Cumberbatch, either… Does it?)

There’s a Japanese version with just a tad more footage at the end that you might find evocative of one of the older films…

Another ‘teaser’ trailer will apparently be coming along on the 17th, because that’s just how the industry rolls these days. (Sigh)

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  1. I’ve been a Star Trek fan almost as long as I’ve been a Star Wars fan, but so far the marketing for this movie has left me cold. It just comes across as another generic blockbuster with a lot of special effects happening. Hopefully it’s just a marketing decision to get non-fans interested and the actual movie is a little more Star Trek-y.

  2. I agree with Greg. I loved the last Trek movie, so I’m still hopeful that this one will be as good, but this trailer left me cold. Whatever happened to exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new civilizations, and boldly going where no one has gone before? I’d rather see more of that and less of London blowing up. Hopefully the next trailer will be an improvement.

  3. I think it is Benedict Cumberbatch. It sounds like the voice he used when “playing” Stephen Hawking, but with an American accent.

  4. Note to all Starfleet Captains: When parking your starship at Earth, San Francisco Bay is for loading and unloading only. Any unattended or sunken starship may be towed at your own expense.

    Also, Tippi Hedren wants her scream back.

  5. New Star Trek is great. It’s not at all like Old Star Trek. It’s like if Star Wars and Star Trek had a baby. I love the crazy-flashy visual style that Abrams uses, and how he accentuates character development even while throwing non-stop action at the viewer. New Star Trek might be a slap in the face of old Star Trek, but it’s also a perfect marriage of sci-fi and fantasy and video game visuals and I’m psyched.

  6. Looks like the new villain is Khan. And Benedit Cumberbach is an amazing actor. I’m excited for that part at least.

    However, I imagine Gene Roddenberry is rolling over in his grave seeing his franchise become yet another action/sci-fi flick. Where’s the intelligent social commentary?

  7. How can you tell whether or not there’s any social commentary from this trailer? It’s a teaser trailer.

    And I didn’t expect much in the way of social commentary from the first movie. It was the retold origin story.

    I really liked it. (And I still really like old Trek, too.)

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