Wacky merchandise cross-fandom special: Scent is Star Trek’s latest frontier

FAILIt’s not exactly the Dr. Manhattan condom or even the Force Trainer, but J.J. Abrams’ Trek movie does have some serious WTFery going on in the merchandising department, entering the realm of fragrance:

“Tiberius,” in honor of James Kirk’s middle name; “Pon Far,” touted as the Klingon version of “Passion”; and “Red Shirt,” named after the poor, red-shirted souls who never survive the episode.

A Red Shirt fragance, because there’s nothing quite like the smell of fail in the morning, huh? (And pon farr is Vulcan, not Klingon.) They’re not the first media property to branch out: Twilight did get there (and sued!) first. Still, Trek does seem like a reach.

Of course, should it be successful as more than an internet laughingstock and Lucasfilm chose to peruse this new market for Star Wars, there is really only one possible choice for a theme.

Drive-by movie news: Is it the end for Narnia? Thundercats ho! NPH’s Indy; Twilight

BBC's Dawn TreaderDisney gives Narnia the boot. Well, it’s official – Disney has decided not to adapt the third Narnia book, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, for “budgetary and logistical reasons.” (Prince Caspian wasn’t exactly a flop, but it didn’t take in nearly as much as Lion.) That’s not to say all is lost – Walden Media is shopping around for a new partner.

Really do hope that Dawn Treader gets made – I can take or leave the rest of the series, but it’s my favorite. In the meantime, you can find the old BBC productions pretty cheap on DVD. The production values may not be as good, but I thought they were pretty neat as a kid!

Drive-by movie news: Too much Twilight, Harrison Ford, Batman, WB’s Potter desperation

Not so shiny. Catherine Hardwicke is out of Twilight sequel. (Robert Pattinson’s envy must be at least twice the size of glitter budget.)

Of course, the real interest for many of us is the book’s numerous creepy undertones. And finally, for funny Twilight news, aka the actual reason to bother reporting any of it, check out the puppet version.

Poll: Pick your winter genre movies

The notable lack of a big franchise fantasy film* for the season makes the coming months slim pickings for genre fans, unless one happens to be a preteen girl (Twilight) or their younger siblings (Bolt) or a [male] comics fan (Punisher: War Zone, The Spirit) or one of the two people who thought The Day the Earth Stood Still remake was a good idea. Okay, so maybe I’m wrong.

* Moment of silence for the delayed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

At least the rest of us can console ourselves with the fact that there now exists a sci-fi horror musical with Giles Anthony Stewart Head rendering violence upon Paris Hilton. Right? Or at the very least, Daniel Craig takes his shirt off. Vote for up to eight movies beneath the cut! Continue reading “Poll: Pick your winter genre movies”

Drive-by movie news: Twilight, Watchmen, Indy 5

Cedric didn't die, he just went homeOH SHIT IT’S A TWILIGHT ENTRY, GET IN THE CAR. The reviews are not good (43%!) for the preteen squee event of the year, but since when has that ever made a difference at the box office? At the very least, we can hold out hope that the movie is better than the book. Just remember, ladies: stalking is not romantic, even if the guy is hot (well, ‘hot’) and comes with a lifetime supply of built-in body glitter.