Drive-by movie news: Twilight, Watchmen, Indy 5

Cedric didn't die, he just went homeOH SHIT IT’S A TWILIGHT ENTRY, GET IN THE CAR. The reviews are not good (43%!) for the preteen squee event of the year, but since when has that ever made a difference at the box office? At the very least, we can hold out hope that the movie is better than the book. Just remember, ladies: stalking is not romantic, even if the guy is hot (well, ‘hot’) and comes with a lifetime supply of built-in body glitter.

4 Replies to “Drive-by movie news: Twilight, Watchmen, Indy 5”

  1. What’s even funnier is that Changeling has some cool similarities to Babylon 5, even though they’re completely different genres.

    Straczynski is going through a total career revival, it’s very exciting!

  2. Oh, be nice. These are the Titanic-type audience whose devotion to this film will know no bounds.

    And Star Wars slips further down the totals column….

  3. Twilight better not end up at a Titanic level. while there are a lot of tween and teen aged girls (and older women) that will see it again and again – i’m not sure it quite has the same appeal as Titanic. i think there is a segment of the population that would not be interested in a vampire movie even if the boy is hot.

    Last night’s south park made a lot of fun of kids dressing up as vampires… the goths got so sick of vampire wannabe kids, they burned down the Hot Topic.

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