Expanded Universe action figures out of Toy Fair ’09

Beefy the Vong! (Photo by Rebelscum.com)

Rebelscum has a couple of galleries from Toy Fair… Not much EUish from Diamond Select. (Though their Jedi Luke looks nice.) The real gems, as usual, come from Hasbro and their comic packs. There’s a bunch of Clone Wars stuff I can’t even begin to catagorize… And a Marvel-era Luke and Lumiya! (Removable head? How apt!)

Heading into a more modern comic era, Legacy’s Darth Krayt and an Imperial Knight who I believe is Sigil Dare, plus Kyle Katarn and Beefy the Vong (probably not his real name,) above. (Based on a late Tales storyline?)

Here’s the Hasbro press release and official images. And here is their Star Wars presentation, shedding a little more light on their offerings… Including a Wal-Mart exclusive Corran Horn figure!

UPDATE: A report on the Turbo Tank and more photos from StarWars.com.

In the News: TFU, People, Merchandise

IMAGE: Ray HarryhausenSan Francisco Chronicle on The Force Unleashed. They also feature Ray Harryhausen, who is awesome. (Star Wars content, not that you should care: Quotes from Dennis Muren, lots of ILM mentions.)

TOSblog does Toy Fair

The official site has a man on the inside! StarWarsShop’s Matt Martin reports on Monday and Tuesday.

There’s even a tidbit of book news in the latter! Check it:

My next meeting was with DK Publishing, a company who didn’t actually have a booth at the show but since I knew they would be attending I managed to set up an appointment to go over some of their upcoming books. Slated for this summer is Star Wars Blueprints: The Ultimate Collection, which is, obviously, a book full of blueprints of vehicles and other items from the entire Star Wars saga. I was given a sample of the foldout Death Star schematics and it looks great. They’ll also be continuing their great “Visual Guide” line with The Clone Wars in the fall and in the summer they’ll be releasing a guide to Indiana Jones as well!

We knew about the blueprints, and Visual Guides for The Clone Wars and Indy IV aren’t a huge surprise, but they haven’t been announced yet, either.

Toy Fair: Hasbro, Gentle Giant, Muggs and etc.

Rebelscum has the Hasbro presentation. Comic pack details start at slide 16. There’s also some new figures of interest in the Evolutions line – X-Wing fans, you can finally have a Hobbie to hang out with your Wes and Fel.

IMAGE: The whinest Luke you’ve ever seen.

Toy Fair: LEGOs, Clone Wars, and Legacy figures!

IMAGE: V-19 Torrent

The Official Blog has pictures of new Clone Wars and Indiana Jones LEGO vehicles and sets, fresh from U.S. Toy Fair. Above, the V-19 Torrent. (You can see the Star Wars stuff a tad larger, plus descriptions, over at Gizmodo.) Warning to spoilerphobes: The Indy IV sets look like they contain some location spoilers.

IMAGE: Hasbro’s TCW ArtooWizard has official photos of Hasbro’s Clone Wars line.

Yakface has an impressive gallery of pictures from the Hasbro booth, including some familiar faces from the Legacy comics and other EU faves.

Oh, and Deet? Gentle Giant is coming out with a Shirtless Darth Maul. I thought you should know.

Clone Wars news out of Germany, Samuel L. Jackson is up to voicing animated Mace

Another week, another toy convention. AICN reports from the Nuremberg Toy Fair:

Finally STAR WARS: no doubt, it has still the Force. The new action figures and Lego looked fantastic. And for us Europeans it was great to got the confirmation that CLONE WARS ANIMATED movie – the first three parts of the new tv-series – will indeed be shown in our theatres in September as well – so not only in England. That will give a huge boost to all the toys that will be released this year, guaranteeing the future of that (or any other) brand or franchise.

Nothing we haven’t heard before, but at least the reports seem to be consistent…

Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson told MTV he’s ready and willing to revisit Mace Windu for the series. Make the call, George!

More Clone Wars news from Toy Fair

Word on the street (again) is that folks are claiming (again) that the first three episodes of the series will indeed receive a theatrical release. (Remember, in November Lucasfilm danced around the early reports with TFN.) Now, action-figure.com is saying that Hasbro is keeping Star Wars on the press downlow, and Time says that Lucasfilm Animation in Singapore will “spearhead Lucasfilm’s first animated feature film this year.”

And what to make of this supposed game tie-in? (Warning: Spoilers.) Not exactly the most reliable source in the world but interesting.

I can’t see this staying under wraps for too long. How long will we have to wait for official word? Hopefully not San Diego… The U.S. Toyfair later this month? And while WonderCon is later this month, have they ever done a major announcement there?

Clone Wars Huttling revealed, sort of

Jedi News has been hitting the UK Toy Fair, and among their finds is another new character from The Clone Wars:

The LEGO Rep let us into a few spoilers including the fact there will indeed be a feature release in early September here in the UK (a couple of weeks earlier in the US), and he also told us about the characters included with these sets – don’t read the next sentence if you don’t want to know! Rotta is Jabba the Hutt’s nephew or son (there seemed to be some confusion about this) and the first 2 or 3 episodes centre on his kidnapping!

Presumably, he’s not anyone’s secret apprentice. Phew.

Check out their pics of the LEGO Rotta and other Clone Wars characters.