More Clone Wars news from Toy Fair

Word on the street (again) is that folks are claiming (again) that the first three episodes of the series will indeed receive a theatrical release. (Remember, in November Lucasfilm danced around the early reports with TFN.) Now, is saying that Hasbro is keeping Star Wars on the press downlow, and Time says that Lucasfilm Animation in Singapore will “spearhead Lucasfilm’s first animated feature film this year.”

And what to make of this supposed game tie-in? (Warning: Spoilers.) Not exactly the most reliable source in the world but interesting.

I can’t see this staying under wraps for too long. How long will we have to wait for official word? Hopefully not San Diego… The U.S. Toyfair later this month? And while WonderCon is later this month, have they ever done a major announcement there?

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