Clone Wars news out of Germany, Samuel L. Jackson is up to voicing animated Mace

Another week, another toy convention. AICN reports from the Nuremberg Toy Fair:

Finally STAR WARS: no doubt, it has still the Force. The new action figures and Lego looked fantastic. And for us Europeans it was great to got the confirmation that CLONE WARS ANIMATED movie – the first three parts of the new tv-series – will indeed be shown in our theatres in September as well – so not only in England. That will give a huge boost to all the toys that will be released this year, guaranteeing the future of that (or any other) brand or franchise.

Nothing we haven’t heard before, but at least the reports seem to be consistent…

Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson told MTV he’s ready and willing to revisit Mace Windu for the series. Make the call, George!