Randy Stradley teases Star Wars comic fans

Over at the Dark Horse message boards, editor Randy Stradley responded to a fan idea with a hint at what’s coming up in the future…

…I am so NOT opposed to the idea that I might mention that we have at least a couple new things in the works which focus specifically on a single main character — one of whom you may even have heard of before.

You may begin speculating . . . now.

Jar Jar, right? (via)

Prequel infinities comics? Not so fast

Redeemed Vader? Sure. This? DO NOT WANTSomewhere in Star Wars Insider #114 there’s a mention of a prequel Infinities (alternate universe) series in the works. However, Randy Stradley said on the Dark Horse message boards yesterday that there are “no plans” for any such thing.

I am both relieved (the OT Infinities were… Not good) and saddened that my dream of a Kevin Rubio-scripted ‘What if Jar Jar became Boba Fett’ storyline is not to be. (Seriously, if this ever comes close to reality? Please skip the awkward part and go straight to comedy.)

Dark Horse’s Randy Stradley on the past, present and (maybe) future of Star Wars comics

TheForce.Net talks at length with Dark Horse editor Randy Stradley about Star Wars, comics and the always ‘popular’ issues of continuity and canon. I particularly like this bit:

But, writers, know this: I am not interested in “stories” that plug or explain holes in existing continuity. Your goal is to tell a tale that moves, inspires, challenges, or at the very least entertains the readers, not to fill in perceived omissions or pave over “errors.”

And is that a vague confirmation that John Jackson Miller is working on another Star Wars comic I see? Head on over to speculate for yourself.

EUbits: FOTJ audio, TOR’s Threat of Peace, Dark Horse one-shots & previews, Holostar

Fate of the Jedi: Hard up for something even after the panel video? Well, you can listen to an audiobook sample of Abyss at Random House now. Seems to be the same section we got a peek at in Omen. (Thanks to Zee Zee.)

The Old Republic. I’m pretty sure I missed blogging that the second part of the TOR webcomic is well underway. (The gaming is always the first to go.)

Dark Horse. Randy Stradley reveals the one-shots on the boards. (via) And also lost in the shuffle, several previews: The Clone Wars #8, Knights of the Old Republic #44, Legacy #39 and Dark Times #14.

Holostar. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff talks the title of her book… But no reveal of who the holostar is yet.

Randy Stradley on Invasion, Legacy and more

Galactic Binder nabbed Dark Horse Star Wars editor Randy Stradley to talk comics (mostly Invasion, naturally.) I’m particularly approving of this bit:

Do not recycle dialogue from the motion pictures (unless, of course, you’re flashing back to an actual scene from one of the films). There is no need—ever—for another Star Wars character to say, “I have a bad feeling about this,” or “I find your lack of faith disturbing,” etc. Ditto for insertions of the “THX-1138” designation. After thirty years this sort of thing has been done to death.

Be sure to read through to the end, though, as there’s a hint down there that’s sure to make a lot of folks happy.

Upcoming works teased by Stradley, Miller

No, I can't spell it. That's why we have copy and paste.I don’t know if everyone out there in the fannish newsosphere missed this or if it’s just me, but Randy Stradley posted a From the Editor on how the Legacy creative team broke a rule with the upcoming ‘Tatooine’ storyline, and why he let them. Heartwarming stuff. (Or, since it’s Randy, maybe not.)

On the other end of the EU timeline, Karen Miller has finished up the fourth Clone Wars book and is taunting dropping hints to eager fans.

EUbits: Adventures, Kemp, Bohnhoff, TCW, Invasion, Threat of Peace


  • Preview: Take a peek at the first issue of the new Star Wars Adventures digest. Apparently some have found it in the UK, but there’s been no sign of it on Diamond so I wouldn’t go looking just yet.
  • The Blogside: Paul S. Kemp has thoughts on writing Crosscurrent, while Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff has two updates in her Padawan’s Journal series: Protocol Droids and Velveteen Bunnies and Mistakes Were Made.
  • The Clone Wars: Don’t expect to see a paperback of Karen Traviss’ Clone Wars novel anytime soon – There are no plans to release one, says Sue Rostoni. If you absolutely must have a paperback, look to the UK version.
  • Comics: DarkHorse.com has a new From the Editor, about Invasion. (Nothing we don’t already know, but we can expect an announcement in a week or so.)
  • Webcomics: Third and fourth updates in The Old Republic‘s Threat of Peace.

EUbits: Holostar pitching, Randy Stradley, Joe Schreiber, TCW guides and Rebel Force

Head over to Book View Cafe for the second installment of Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s A Padawan’s Journal, where she tells the (sadly detail-free) story of how Holostar was pitched.