But I wanna write a Star Wars novel!

It’s an infrequent yet irritating occurrence: Fan shows up on Star Wars novel forum saying they want to write a novel. Old fans sigh, roll our eyes, and tell him or her it’s not easy. Established authors. They call you. Write your own stuff, or fanfic, if you’re so set on Star Wars, etc, etc. One lucky fan on TFN gets replies from comic pros John Ostrander and Randy Stradley. Turns into a pretty interesting conversation.

Years and years ago, Corellian trilogy author Roger MacBride Allen wrote an article on this very subject. It’s still worth reading.

Legacy #0 out today

The preview issue of the controversial comic series that takes place 100 years into the future of Star Wars will be available in a comic store near you tomorrow for only 25 cents. The comic is written by by John Ostrander, with art by Jan Duursema, the folks behind the Republic series that had fanboys salivating.

At least, we can hope it comes out tomorrow, as #0 has been pushed back pretty much every week so far.

In any case, there’s a hefty article up on Newsarama for your perusal.

To further jog your memory, here’s our past coverage on Legacy: Letter from Randy Stradley / The Previews solicitation / Newsarama interviews Randy Stradley and Jan Duursema / The initial annoucement

Legacy #1 is due out the 21st.