Prequel infinities comics? Not so fast

Redeemed Vader? Sure. This? DO NOT WANTSomewhere in Star Wars Insider #114 there’s a mention of a prequel Infinities (alternate universe) series in the works. However, Randy Stradley said on the Dark Horse message boards yesterday that there are “no plans” for any such thing.

I am both relieved (the OT Infinities were… Not good) and saddened that my dream of a Kevin Rubio-scripted ‘What if Jar Jar became Boba Fett’ storyline is not to be. (Seriously, if this ever comes close to reality? Please skip the awkward part and go straight to comedy.)

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  1. I loved the Infinities take on A New Hope. Leia going dark, the Death Star turning into the Justice Star, the Jedi temple as Palpatine’s new palace… Great stuff all in all. Unfortunately TESB and ROTJ weren’t nearly as good, even though I really enjoyed Boba Fett being used as Lando’s desk. First time Boba made any sense to me at all. :-D
    So for me it’s a real shame the prequels won’t get the Infinities treatment. So much to do there… Ah, well, seems I have to re-read Tag & Bink instead. ;-)
    BTW: A couple of new Tag & Bink stories would also be much appreciated! :)

  2. I loved the ANH Infinities, as well. ESB and ROTJ were still intriguing, though. I’d actually like to see where things go with the Prequels.

    Of course, how far do they spin it out as to the consequences?

    Still, if we can get some small humorous series? I could hang with that.

  3. The first one started out well, but totally puttered out.

    I’m not one of those ‘fanfic is always better than profic’ (because it caters directly to me, duh) types, but I have read VASTLY better AU fanfics than those comics. (And worse ones, of course. Much worse.)

  4. Well, it’s just me so far.

    I’d have to go back and reread for specifics, but they made my eyes roll a LOT and just seemed very ill-thought out. (Though, like I said, ANH started out with an interesting premise it failed to deliver on.) Maybe a comic just isn’t the right medium for these kinds of stories.

    And that light side Vader armor is just ridiculous.

  5. I enjoyed the Infinities stories. ANH:inf was the best, although seeing Leia train on Dagobah in ESB:inf was cool. I think with ANH:Inf, they had the entire original trilogy to re-tell, while with ROTJ:inf, they really only had the final movie to retell.

    i think that there could be a lot they could do with prequel infinities, and perhaps if the market was right, they would consider them.

  6. Well, only if they do it with a mix of fanboy-pleasing continuity-bound snoozers and hilarious lulzy fun.

    I’m still hoping for yearly digest or something. All I want is the funny, Dark Horse. :(

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