CE: Media behaving badly

I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or what, but all the Celebration Europe press I ran across today is so… sensationalist.

First, Daily Mail reporter Tanya Gold doesn’t even get a paragraph into her CE experience before breaking out the requisite ‘Get a life’ comment. Keeping reading – it’s full of such classy gems. Although I do like the description of Steve Sansweet as George Lucas’ “representative on Earth.”

As for the real stars of the CE experience, we have comments from Anthony Daniels, admonishing Sir Alec Guinness and a trifecta of Mark Hamill comments that the blurb artists are trying their damnedest on: ‘wanting’ to be Vader; the Luke warehouse; and the one with the legs, Portman’s a babe.

Movies: Blockbusters, reviews and trailers

Pirates leave you cold? Harry Potter not your thing? Transformers not moving you? Take a look at next year’s summer blockbusters.

Getting on with it…


Star Wars People Tidbits

Quite a few tidbits about Star Wars people in the news:

Keira Knightley (Sabe) is about ready to give up acting. Millions of fanboys flock to counseling for support.

Masi Oka, a former ILM-er, almost did the same thing before a gig on a little show called Heroes came along.

Natalie Portman (Padme Amidala) is apparently going in the opposite direction by playing two roles in her upcoming film Goya’s Ghosts.

Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) didn’t seem to care much. She just enjoyed having lunch with hairy creatures and robots.

And someone who might be a bit too busy to do any acting for a while is Keisha Castle-Hughes (Queen Apailana), who gave birth to a little girl on April 25th.

Up with People

Ewan McGregor and family adopt a 4 year-old girl from Mongolia.

Variety blogger Army Archerd interviews Mark Hamill and gets the scoop on some oh his upcoming projects.

Natalie Portman is being tracked all over Toronto, where she’s filming Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. The blog in question, Jaunted, claims the updates aren’t in real time, but still, kinda over-the-top.

No less weird, but not quite so creepy: The piano for a track on James Blunt’s album was recorded in Carrie Fisher’s bathroom.