CE: Media behaving badly

I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or what, but all the Celebration Europe press I ran across today is so… sensationalist.

First, Daily Mail reporter Tanya Gold doesn’t even get a paragraph into her CE experience before breaking out the requisite ‘Get a life’ comment. Keeping reading – it’s full of such classy gems. Although I do like the description of Steve Sansweet as George Lucas’ “representative on Earth.”

As for the real stars of the CE experience, we have comments from Anthony Daniels, admonishing Sir Alec Guinness and a trifecta of Mark Hamill comments that the blurb artists are trying their damnedest on: ‘wanting’ to be Vader; the Luke warehouse; and the one with the legs, Portman’s a babe.

2 Replies to “CE: Media behaving badly”

  1. “I hope loyalty and friendship are the two qualities we share.” Okay, Mr. Daniels.

    Funny quotes from Mark. Is it the stilted dialog AND her beauty that makes Natalie so attractive? :)

  2. Being called losers by the freakin’ Daily Mail? That’s a compliment given that it’s barely more reputable than the National Enquirer.

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