Oregon Jedi wannabe gets jail time

David Allen Canterbury, the man who attacked customers with lightsabers at an Oregon Toys R Us, has been sentenced to 45 days in jail and a mental health evaluation that could lead to treatment. He pleaded no contest to charges of fourth-degree assault and resisting arrest, while the judge dismissed charges of of interfering with a police officer, theft and disorderly conduct.

Canterbury has a previous conviction for possession of heroin.

In the news: Will we see Red Tails in January?

Director Anthony Hemingway tweeted a few days ago that Red Tails, the George Lucas-produced film about World War II’s Tuskegee Airmen “hits screens January 2012.” Meanwhile, it seems that Lucas himself may be in Prague to oversee the film’s score.

3-D on the wane? The New York Times says the pricey format is fizzling, which could spell bad news for next year’s Phantom Menace rerelease. Scalzi is more optimistic; Maybe Star Wars can be part of the solution here.

Good news, bad news. People checks in with Carrie Fisher’s Jenny Craig-powered weight loss. Spoiler: It’s going well! The news is less good for Hayden Christensen… His lawsuit over USA Network’s Royal Pains was thrown out by a federal judge.

Whatever happened to… Those kids who got suspended for the lightsaber fight? They did get to walk at their graduation and even got to complete their ‘fight’ at a senior assembly.

Fannishly. An interview with the Mike Litzenberg and Bridge Stuart, the guys behind ‘George Lucas Strikes Back.’

Students banned from graduation for lightsaber battle

Two Massachusetts students were suspended for a mock lightsaber battle in the school cafeteria. The stunt was a hit with their fellow students, but school officials were not amused – the two have been banned from attending their own graduation ceremony as well. A Facebook page supporting their right to walk has more than 2000 fans, and a hearing will be held next week – perhaps the administration will change their minds. (via)