The fandom minute: Han’s secret shame, Simon Pegg’s fanfic, Artoo in D.C.

So if Lowie is Chewie's nephew... No, that can't be right.Holiday Special week fallout: Han Solo’s little-known furry roots glommed on by internets, many bad jokes (and debate?!?) ensue.

Better a Wookiee than a Selonian, I guess. (We’ll leave them to Corran.)

In the news: Travel, art, Minnesota, box office

Star Wars Roundup: Weekend edition

Millions of gamers suddenly cried out in horror upon discovering that the Star Wars game for Wii is just the Lego Star Wars re-release. Poor, poor gamers.

Alderaan shot first Roundup

Our cup runneth over today…

If you’re a paid-up Hyperspace member you can become President of the Star Wars Fan Club by being really, really annoying. I annoy through blogging. Should I just link to all Hyperspace articles from now on? The username’s D-A-R-K S-P-O-R-K.

Of use to those with artistic talent are portfolio review tips from Lucas Licensing Art Director Troy Alders.

For the collectors, a preview of new stuff from Hasbro.

And gamers are no doubt having fits over the official announcment of LEGO Star Wars II. I just want old-fashioned non-digital solid LEGOs. Is that so wrong?