Our cup runneth over today…

If you’re a paid-up Hyperspace member you can become President of the Star Wars Fan Club by being really, really annoying. I annoy through blogging. Should I just link to all Hyperspace articles from now on? The username’s D-A-R-K S-P-O-R-K.

Of use to those with artistic talent are portfolio review tips from Lucas Licensing Art Director Troy Alders.

For the collectors, a preview of new stuff from Hasbro.

And gamers are no doubt having fits over the official announcment of LEGO Star Wars II. I just want old-fashioned non-digital solid LEGOs. Is that so wrong?

2 Replies to “ Roundup”

  1. Y’know, I gotta give kudos for trying to keep things lively. Sure, it will ultimately benefit to have more subscribers. But to get to reign as the president of the club for the year? This is more nerdly glory than most can hope to attain.

    I’d do it just for that free trip to ComicCon!

    And you have to love a Hasbro promotion that abbreviates to UGH.

  2. Now I’m all things necessary to make that game a hit. I’m an avid gamer, old school lego freak and a Star Wars fan. Yet it never sucked me in.

    I never even looked at the demo until my boss totally hyped it up to me one day. (I think he’s a barely-contained fanboy)

    The demo was enjoyable, but I think I like physical legos better.

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