Star Wars Roundup: Weekend edition

Millions of gamers suddenly cried out in horror upon discovering that the Star Wars game for Wii is just the Lego Star Wars re-release. Poor, poor gamers.

Alderaan shot first

3 Replies to “Star Wars Roundup: Weekend edition”

  1. hey, don’t knock it– Lego Star Wars got ridiculously good reviews. It’s supposed to be a seriously awesome game (we just bought it, though not for the Wii).

  2. Heck I’ve even play Wii Tetris if they made it!

    Yeah I commented on the Coolest Geeks on TV blog to let them know about my Star Wars Rocks interview series on I can’t believe they forgot to mention Masi Oka!

  3. lego star wars rocks, and having on the Wii should be pretty cool, although i’m not sure how aiming for blasters would work.

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