The Clone Wars premiere tonight! has episode guides and preview clips for ‘Ambush’ and ‘Rising Malevolence’. Meanwhile, The Clone Wars web comic launches.

EU newsbits: Details from Irvine, YA, interviews

More new contract fallout: Alex Irvine details the timing of his ‘ancient Jedi’ novel on his blog:

…Yours truly is going to be writing a novel set just before the Knights of the Old Republic storyline. Since I am one of those guys who saw the movie (you know, The Movie; you know the one I mean) a dozen times the summer it came out, this is kind of a dream come true. Viva la Geek! Plus, there are some interesting open spaces in the continuity from that period, which give me a lot of room to work.

Isn’t that what the comics are doing? Oh well: I won’t even pretend to be an expert on that time period. (Some have speculated that this could be related to the still-rumored KOTOR MMO, but aren’t direct game tie-ins handled by separate contracts?)

Expanded Universe newsbits: Rebel Force, TFU, Gilroy interviewed, KOTOR #33 previewed

Catching up with The Clone Wars: AP goes to the special hell, Henry Gilroy, defending the prequels

JadeCon is never a good time for real blogging, and so several stories over the last week got missed. Now that I’ve slept an entire night (and then some,) and taken a Claritin (damn you, con crud!) and am finally back in the land of working wireless, here’s some of The Clone Wars stuff that got missed:

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