Reviews of ‘The Mandalore Plot’ a columnist plot?

For last week’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it seems from the reader comments to our review that ‘The Mandalore Plot’ is really ‘We Demand-more Plot’ or more something. Here’s what other online reviewers have to say:

  • The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society picks up on the Obi-wan/Satine rawr moments, and points out that Vizsla comes from the Cobra school of villainy.
  • Television Zombies gives it 4 out of 5 sabers, liking sort of flirty Obi-wan, and makes a BSG reference but doesn’t acknowledge the EU revision.
  • liked having all the new elements: new world, new conflict, new characters, and especially the dynamic between Satine and Obi-wan, but has some nitpicks about the Duchess, and discusses a lot of Mando continuity issues.
  • MTV Movies Blog‘s reviewer called it an “entertaining piece of fiction” that brought a smile to his face, even with the heavy changes to the EU.
  • Dauntless Media gives it a B, liking the exceptional visuals, but feeling the plot a bit questionable and poorly paced.
  • Big Shiny Robot liked it but found the ending lacking, and points out the EU shockwaves – prompting a reader to leave an rambling comment.
  • Pendragon’s Post points out the coolness of seeing Mandos in action but also picks up on the racial disparity between the Fetts and the ‘Plot’ Mandos.

We’ll see how Obi-wan and the woman he once loved fare in the continuing storyline, in tonight’s ‘Voyage of Temptation,’ when Anakin learns that his mentor has a love life. On the official site, series writer Henry Gilroy looks at Obi-Wan, Satine, Jedi romance, and differing ideals. Meanwhile, Dave Filoni talks to the Insider about bringing in the Mandalorians. Seriously, shouldn’t ‘Voyage of Temptation’ that be the title of a FOX or VH1 reality show on a cruise ship?

The Clone Wars: TFN talks to Filoni and Gilroy

Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy answer fan questions on The Clone Wars over at A lot of interesting tidbits on the show, its relation to the EU, George’s involvement and other food for thought, like Gilroy’s comments on the unique challenges of writing a digital show:

It wasn’t really an issue of balance. When I wrote the first episode, I wished I could have used the entire Jedi Council, but because we were just building the studio, the only characters I had available were Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda. Mace wasn’t originally in the movie story, because he wasn’t built yet, he was added way later. This was the incredible challenge as the head writer, I was tasked with writing Star Wars and making it feel as big as Star Wars, but only allowed to build ONE new character per episode (I started with 9 — can you name them?). So Luminara and Kit showed up at the very first chance I could put them in the show.

Oh, and there’s also something in there about George and the Wookieepedia. Yes, seriously.

In other interview news, EUC has one with The Force Unleashed’s Sam Witwer, and is taking questions for Matt Stover.

It’s Friday, blah blah blah The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars: Duel of the Droids

“Duel of the Droids” airs on Cartoon Network tonight. (Preview with the latest webcomic, Discount.) Don’t forget the new Saturday morning reruns.