Reviews of ‘The Mandalore Plot’ a columnist plot?

For last week’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it seems from the reader comments to our review that ‘The Mandalore Plot’ is really ‘We Demand-more Plot’ or more something. Here’s what other online reviewers have to say:

  • The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society picks up on the Obi-wan/Satine rawr moments, and points out that Vizsla comes from the Cobra school of villainy.
  • Television Zombies gives it 4 out of 5 sabers, liking sort of flirty Obi-wan, and makes a BSG reference but doesn’t acknowledge the EU revision.
  • liked having all the new elements: new world, new conflict, new characters, and especially the dynamic between Satine and Obi-wan, but has some nitpicks about the Duchess, and discusses a lot of Mando continuity issues.
  • MTV Movies Blog‘s reviewer called it an “entertaining piece of fiction” that brought a smile to his face, even with the heavy changes to the EU.
  • Dauntless Media gives it a B, liking the exceptional visuals, but feeling the plot a bit questionable and poorly paced.
  • Big Shiny Robot liked it but found the ending lacking, and points out the EU shockwaves – prompting a reader to leave an rambling comment.
  • Pendragon’s Post points out the coolness of seeing Mandos in action but also picks up on the racial disparity between the Fetts and the ‘Plot’ Mandos.

We’ll see how Obi-wan and the woman he once loved fare in the continuing storyline, in tonight’s ‘Voyage of Temptation,’ when Anakin learns that his mentor has a love life. On the official site, series writer Henry Gilroy looks at Obi-Wan, Satine, Jedi romance, and differing ideals. Meanwhile, Dave Filoni talks to the Insider about bringing in the Mandalorians. Seriously, shouldn’t ‘Voyage of Temptation’ that be the title of a FOX or VH1 reality show on a cruise ship?

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