Broaden Your Intellect

Do all those sci-fi shows make you feel smarter than most? reports that anthropologist Daryl Frazetti will be lecturing on Star Trek and its impact on culture.

Of note to the women of Club Jade, one of his lectures will be entitled “From Bjo Trimble to Starwars Chicks: Female Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek.”

According to the article, “Based on his research into fandom, the talk will focus on the historical role of women in the fan community, and discuss how media stereotypes of fans are often problematic. There will also be a comparison of male and female fans regarding their fan activities, and a comparison of “Star Wars” fans to Star Trek fans.”

How quickly will this talk end up on the internet?

7000 women in 23 countries disagree…

Games industry is ‘failing women’. Article looks interesting… And then…

He said the industry had to learn from the film business.

“The movie industry doesn’t just make films for boys.

“Star Wars was the biggest film of all time until Titanic came along; Titanic became the biggest because women went to see it and women went to see it multiple times.

“Just boys saw Star Wars multiple times.”

Boy, I really want to buy games from this guy, don’t you?

ETA: Taking it to the streets. Metaphorically.