Guys, I hate to break it to you…

There are girls on the internet. They’ve even infiltrated the Wookieepedia. Try to contain your shock. (via Jezebel)

5 Replies to “Guys, I hate to break it to you…”

  1. No, really? Where? /sarcasm

    But good to know that we’re all here for the “shopping, talking, and caring.” Where can I buy my own functional superlaser? What’s the latest Coruscant gossip? I heard a baby thranta broke its wing–should I send a care package?

  2. It’s always amusing to watch men flail about when they realize women might actually share interests with them. I noticed they didn’t mention all the women that are online for the porn, and I don’t just mean fandom. But don’t tell them that women are sexual beings. I don’t think men are ready for something that revolutionary. *eyeroll*

  3. No, no, we must all be sitting here thinking chaste, shoe-buying thoughts. Otherwise the world would explode!

  4. Hey, Wookieepedians have a right to be dubious about this sort of thing, since one of our more popular “female” users turned out not to be female. And if one of them was faking it . . . maybe all of them are! Maybe these alleged “girls” we hear so much about really are just unfounded rumor.

    Anyway, I too love the broad-mindedness of this comment from the article: “Forrester Research, the technology specialist, describes the net as ‘just another channel for women to do what they enjoy: shopping, talking, and caring’.” Yeah, and math is hard. Come on, Forrester, wake up and smell the stereotype. I’m surprised they didn’t mention how useful the Internet is for doing those things while barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

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