7000 women in 23 countries disagree…

Games industry is ‘failing women’. Article looks interesting… And then…

He said the industry had to learn from the film business.

“The movie industry doesn’t just make films for boys.

“Star Wars was the biggest film of all time until Titanic came along; Titanic became the biggest because women went to see it and women went to see it multiple times.

“Just boys saw Star Wars multiple times.”

Boy, I really want to buy games from this guy, don’t you?

ETA: Taking it to the streets. Metaphorically.

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  1. Oh my.

    I don’t know anyone who wasn’t 12 at the time Titantic came out who has seen Titanic more times than Star Wars.

    Male or female.

  2. “The Sims is really a game about relationships – and that’s what girls want – they want relationships, they want to be able to chat.”

    Yeah. Fine. Relationships.

    I wanna throw around stormtroopers like they do in that upcoming game from LucasArts!

    Only men watch Star Wars multiple times.

    What dweebs!

  3. I think I only saw Titanic in theaters once. I would much rather sit through any of the Star Wars movies multiple times than Titanic.

  4. I haven’t even seen titanic once. Girls who don’t like video games aren’t going to play them no matter how many vapid relationship dramas they have.

  5. Geez. I didn’t even see Titanic all the way through once. (My date and I missed the first twenty minutes. After the next twenty, we no longer felt ripped off.)

    Now…me, and my two FEMALE friends once saw The Phantom Menace three times. Back to back. On the same night. We came out of one showing and ran around and got back in line for the next one. (Okay, okay, Ewan McGregor probably had a LITTLE to do with it.) I think I saw that one a total of eight times.

    And as for games–the only computer game I ever really loved was TIE Fighter (yeah, and X-Wing, too.) I haven’t played Battlefronts, but just the idea of being able to play the “bad” guys and kill Ewoks and Gungans makes me all happy.

  6. I saw Titanic twice in the theatre – maybe one more time in the dollar theatre? I saw Ep 1 at least three times in the theatre, possibly four, Ep 2 a similar amount, and Ep 3 at least twice. Let’s not throw the original trilogy in there because I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen it in the theatre and my point is already made…

  7. “Titanic became the biggest because women went to see it and women went to see it multiple times.”

    Dammit, why do women get all this stuff they can do multiple times? It’s not fair.

    DM out

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