Discussion post: The Last Jedi

I’m not sure if there’s really any call for a discussion post on a blog these days (and I’m heading out to my second showing any minute now) but for those who want to start… Have at it! Spoilers ARE allowed, obviously.

Discussion post: What did you think of Rogue One?

It’s finally out! I said my piece earlier, and now it’s your turn: What did you think of Rogue One? Spoilers are allowed, so go nuts.

The rules, such as they are: Be polite to each other, and remember we have threaded comments so you can directly reply to someone if you so wish. Some comments may get caught up in moderation (particularly if you’ve never commented before,) but they will get approved eventually. I do have to sleep sometime.

Discussion post: The Force Awakens is here!


Did you see The Force Awakens tonight? (Or yesterday, or a few days ago…) Here’s a safe spot to discuss it. Spoilers are very much allowed, so stay away until you’ve seen it! (My spoiler-free review is thataway.)

The rules are pretty simple: Don’t be a jerk, and remember we have threaded comments so you can directly reply to someone if you so wish. (Some comments may get caught up in moderation, so bear with me. I do have to sleep sometime.)

Discussion: One year of Disney, Lucasfilm, and Episode VII

Bob Iger and George LucasIn a matter of hours, it’ll be a full year since the Lucasfilm sale to Disney was announced. We still don’t know that much about Episode VII – most of the confirmed information still fits on one page at StarWars.com – but we can be confident that they’re working on it, at least.

Will we get any news today? The rumor mill was pretty convinced at one point, but after last week’s announcement, who can say? We’ll keep an eye out.

In the meantime… With a year to digest, what are your thoughts? Are you (still?) excited for the future of Lucasfilm and Star Wars?

Discussion: Your favorite Star Wars reads of 2012?

No, the year isn’t over yet, but for the purposes of books, everything has been out for a while. More or less.

So what was the best Star Wars thing you read this year? Book, comic, or other, it doesn’t matter, as long as you read it.

If you need a refresher, Wookieepedia has a massive list of everything released this year, but your answer doesn’t have to go by that, just something you read this year… No matter when it was originally released.

Hell, if the best thing you read was a fanfic, go for it… Just be sure to include a link, and any warnings if they apply.

Discussion: What have you been reading?

What’s the last book you read? What’s the last book you read that you’d recommend, and why?

Also, what upcoming books are you looking forward to? What are the latest editions to your to-read pile

(No, none of these have to be Star Wars – in fact, please don’t, particularly those of you with advance copies of certain gigantic reference tomes – since we know all about those.)

Discussion: Your entry point to Star Wars fandom?

It’s been a while since we had an (intentional) discussion post, and this went over gangbusters when I asked it offhand on Twitter the other day, so: What was your entry point into fandom? Not the Star Wars movies or books themselves, but the/an actual community? When did you become social with your fandom, and begin to interact with other fans, beyond just your immediate pals?

Answers on Twitter ranged from various message boards, to cons, costuming, games, fanfic and even Twitter itself. So where did you come in?

Discussion: Let’s talk Celebration VI

Yes, SDCC is literally right around the corner and we have more than a month to go before Orlando, but it’s Friday, nothing is happening, and we haven’t had one of these in a while.

What are your plans for CVI? Are there any last minute announcements you’re still hoping for? Rumors that have yet to pan out? What do you really want to do at the con?