Discussion: Your favorite Star Wars reads of 2012?

No, the year isn’t over yet, but for the purposes of books, everything has been out for a while. More or less.

So what was the best Star Wars thing you read this year? Book, comic, or other, it doesn’t matter, as long as you read it.

If you need a refresher, Wookieepedia has a massive list of everything released this year, but your answer doesn’t have to go by that, just something you read this year… No matter when it was originally released.

Hell, if the best thing you read was a fanfic, go for it… Just be sure to include a link, and any warnings if they apply.

18 Replies to “Discussion: Your favorite Star Wars reads of 2012?”

  1. Mercy Kill by a country mile. It was great to read something that focused on characters and wasn’t another The Universe Is About To Implode tale.

  2. This is probably a tie for me between the Reader’s Companion and Mercy Kill. They’re too different to really call one over the other. Mercy Kill might have been a bit higher, but I’m still rather new to the EU (only been reading it for five years and still trying to catch up), and I haven’t read any of the other X-wing books yet.

  3. Definitely Mercy Kill although I do have to say that Annihilation was a very pleasant surprise since I had essentially no expectations for it.

  4. Darth Plagueis, for sure. I loved every page of that book and am about to crack it open for a second read.

  5. I read Darth Plagueis last year, so I can’t count that, but I think it’s the best SW read to come out this year. I like Scoundrels, but that doesn’t come out until next year so I won’t count that. So, for my favorite that leaves Dawn of the Jedi. I absolutely enjoyed the new take on the Force and its exploration of a new SW era.

  6. Mercy Kill was definitely my favorite fiction book. It was all the fun, adventure and snark that I love from Aaron Allston.

    In non-fiction, I think I’ll have to give it to Essential Readers. That was a MASSIVE undertaking for the content. And the gorgeous illustrations make it a must-have book.

    Although I think I might have to give runner-up status to Star Wars and History and the Action Figure guide.

  7. I didn’t get the chance to read too many this year, but I think Darth Plagueis would still be number 1 for me in 2012 even if I had. I read it right before going to see Episode 1 in 3D. That book added so much more dimension than 3D ever will.

  8. I would say Mercy Kill like most of the other comments are, but I re-read Shadows of Mindor for, oh, the 200th time this year, and that will always, ALWAYS win.

  9. Darth Plagueis was my surprise fave…
    I have to say, since I just read it last night, that ‘Winner Lose All’ was a fun little story that really makes me even more excited for ‘Scoundrels’
    I really enjoyed ‘Dawn of the Jedi’

  10. Mercy Kill and Shadow Games. And Shadow Games was the real surprise. I always enjoy Michael Reaves’ work.

  11. Mercy Kill was my favorite book of the year for Star Wars fun. Darth Plagueis was most impressive for the writing. Agent of the Empire in comics has kept me smiling too.

    But I have to admit there is a fanfic I betaed for a friend that wins my favorite of the year. Now to convince that fellow fan to share it!

  12. Mercy Kill would have been my fave, but I haven’t read it yet. :)

    The best SW thing I DID read was the novelization of Revenge of the Sith. It gave me a whole new perspective on the movie, and I highly reccomend it!

  13. Not having read Mercy Kill yet and with my Reader’s Compagnion still under the X-mas tree, I have to say Apocalypse :D

  14. Readers Companion, followed by Essential Guide to Warfare. Currently working way through Scoundrels and loving it. Read The Tenebreous Way this year and got a kick out of that too.

  15. Not even a question. Darth Plagueis. Not only the best Star Wars read of the year, but in my opinion one of, if not the, best Star Wars reads ever. Certainly up there with the Zahn books. I love everything about that book and have read it multiple times since that first read when it came out.

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