Discussion: Let’s talk Celebration VI

Yes, SDCC is literally right around the corner and we have more than a month to go before Orlando, but it’s Friday, nothing is happening, and we haven’t had one of these in a while.

What are your plans for CVI? Are there any last minute announcements you’re still hoping for? Rumors that have yet to pan out? What do you really want to do at the con?

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  1. I am merely hoping not to die of heat exhaustion from the walk between the car and convention center.

  2. I’m hoping we get a few more big names. Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, maybe George. I would love to get a teaser about what might be in store for the closing ceremonies.

  3. I really wish they’d give us some hint on the closing ceremonies. There’s just too many different kinds of news it could be. (Though I still suspect it’ll be something about the next Florida torture session Celebration.)

  4. I’m still hoping that Mark Hamill is there. And that there’s cool EU panels about the “new stuff.” And that Mike Stackpole comes back. Ha!

    I also hope that I don’t kill Lane after listening to him complain about the heat all week long.

  5. The guys from Bioware will be there, so I’m wondering what kind of SWC exclusives we’ll see for SWTOR.

    Also, I’d really like to hear some news about the live action TV show besides, “It’s coming.”

  6. I get why DR is making these announcements at SDCC, but I am disappointed the big news is going to come out there. It would be nice for that to happen at a convention where there might be even one member of the EU blogging community present.

  7. I’d like some confirmation that the upcoming SW kids show is going to be featured… I’m not holding out hope for the live-action one, though.

  8. In a non-CVI year, sure, announce it at SDCC… FYI: Bryan said he’ll try to make it. Our James will be there, but he doesn’t have a smartphone or anything.

    I really doubt they’ll say anything about the live-action series. That’s years off, if it ever happens at all. But I think stuff about the Seth Green comedy show is almost a guarantee.

  9. Things I’m happy about:
    1- Cool roommate.
    2- Peabody. Mere steps to drop stuff off/pick up and they offer a shuttle to Disney.
    3- KEVIN SMITH. Yes, I’m a View Askew universe fangirl. He cracks me up and #1 & I will get to see him.

    Things I’m waiting/hoping for-
    1- Volunteer assignment. Please no costuming! (I did it the first 2 Celebrations. I know more than some 501st members. While I appreciate the art, so not interested in hearing another debate of vinyl versus leather vs whatever)
    2- Mark Hamill back. Mark and Carrie reuniting at Kevin’s show. IT COULD HAPPEN. He’s worked with both and hung out with both fairly recently.
    3- Katie Lucas on a Clone Wars panel. I love what she did for Savage Opress. I was cold to the series before I saw it and soon as I have time I want to go back and watch it all, especially her episodes.
    4- Event at Star Tours. Not sure possibility as there is a link to get discounted Disney tickets on the event website.
    5- I want a frozen butterbeer but I don’t want to do Islands of Adventure again.
    6- New annoucements of products and shows and such. Ever the optimist, hoping for another tv series at least.

    Things I don’t want to see-
    1- Men as Slave Leia unless you are serious about it.
    2- Women as Slave Leia with nothing on under the skirt. Late night, private party? Sure whatever. Con floor during the day? Come on, there’s tons of kids getting an eyeful. At least wear some boyshorts or flesh tone bloomers. It will not make you less authentic.

    While trying to think of negatives, I kept think of more positives. I sense a post… ugh need to do a lot of writing this weekend!

  10. Me? I’m looking forward to whatever; Celebration is pretty much go-with-the-flow for me since I don’t know what my schedule will be. I’m excited that Allston and Zahn will both be there. Then there’s the Belgian props and the 501st’s rancor. I’d love to see the Hoth Ice Bar again, since I never did get to visit last time.

    And I want a drink by the Peabody’s pool.

  11. Dunc: Neat! Good to hear someone will be there. The Twittersphere was awfully quiet on that front, it didn’t sound like any of the major EU blogs were going to have someone present.

  12. This celebration, I want one ‘new’ guest! One person that has never attended a Celebration before. I know, well a girl can dream.

    Since I don’t know what I’m doing yet, I’m with Knitress on just planning to have some fun while there. Many a C. I’ve worked crazy hours and saw nothing except essentially one room and that won’t be occurring this year I hope.

  13. Right now I’m mostly hoping to hear back about whether or not they’ll take me as a volunteer. It’s about the only way I’ll be able to legitimize the cost of going.

    Past that, I’ll be flat excited about anything. It’d be my first Celebration, and the first con I’ll have been able to attend in more than two years.

  14. Doyle: want to volunteer for the Bounty Hunt? we are looking for some people to help us out for our three puzzle race events. in return, we can get you a badge and more…

  15. I suspect there’ll be a huge flurry of activity towards the end of next week after they’ve slept for a day after SDCC. (But then no more sleep until Orlando!)

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