Yub yub, Emperor: Author Aaron Allston has passed away

Aaron at JadeCon

It is with a great deal of sadness and tears that I must report that our dear friend, author Aaron Allston, passed away Thursday.

Aaron was, as Timothy Zahn describes him, “a wonderful author, a devastating punster, an erudite teacher, and — most of all — a wonderful friend.”

For Star Wars fans, Aaron is perhaps best known for his many books in the X-Wing, New Jedi Order, Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi series. His other books include Doc Sidhe, and he had recently self-published Plotting: A Novelist’s Workout Guide. He also conducted writing seminars at conventions such as Celebration, Origins and Dragon*Con, often in tandem with fellow author Mike Stackpole.

I don’t think there’s much I need to say about his writing to this crowd: It’s a rarity, but it seems like pretty much everyone loved Aaron’s books, Star Wars and otherwise.

I meet Aaron in the JadeCon suite one year, when GenCon was still in Milwaukee – it must have been the late 90′s. I was one of only a handful of people in the suite, and I was a bit nervous, because speaking to authors, or celebs of any kind, has never been my forte. But talking to Aaron was easy. He was personable, he was hilarious, he instantly made one feel at ease. Even if you had just met him, he treated you like a friend. He would have been an instant favorite of Club Jade even if he hadn’t written books we loved.

No matter what one thinks of the Expanded Universe, Aaron was a great asset to Star Wars and the fandom. Club Jade is honored to have known him, his work, and to have had him as our first and only Emperor.

Fans and friends are leaving remembrances on Aaron’s Facebook page.

Remember Chewbacca Day: 11 years, one dead Wookiee

It’s been 11 years since Vector Prime was released and the big guy got mooned. So folks on Facebook are celebrating the GFFA’s favorite Wookiee with Remember Chewbacca Day.

If only I could remember the drink recipe… I think it involves Baileys. But if that’s not your speed, here are some filks we did back in the day: ‘The Saga Goes On’ (we even had a video for this! Alas, in those pre-Youtube days, it was lost,) ‘Big Moon Falling,’ ‘Died, Died, Died,’ and ‘Chewie Had To Die.’ Perhaps they can help you too laugh through your tears. We won’t tell if you forgo the tears entirely.

Even author R.A. Salvatore, who got a lot of grief for Vector Prime and the event contained within, joined and posted. Even more shocking, the responses are very polite so far! Aww, fandom. Learn and grow. (Hattip to Austin.)

EUbits: Upcoming from DK and Dark Horse

Upcoming. StarWars.com has a look at some of DK’s 2011 offerings, including Secrets of the Jedi, which sounds like a kid’s version of The Jedi Path. Also up are the December 2010 comics, including Knight Errant #3 and Legacy: War #1.

Interviews. Nathan P. Butler and Andrew Lupi talk to Shannon McRandle.

Column. EUC’s column this week, about death in the EU, is… gigantic.

Fanmade. A custom Mara Jade Mighty Mugg.

Because what the Expanded Universe really needs is another deus ex machina!

Sacrifice Spoilers

Yes, there are Sacrifice spoilers in the links, so don’t even think about mousing over them if you haven’t read the book. No, I’m not posting any details here, but I gotta quote this:

Lucas Licensing apparently allowed this disaster to happen and now we should call on them to reverse it. The Sith have the power to bring back the dead and so too then does the Force.

Whether it is [CHARACTER] or [CHARACTER] or even someone else I don’t care. I just want [SPOILER] back.

I’m facepalming as hard as I can. Look, being sad/disappointed with the ‘event’ is all well and good, but internet petitions over spilt milk are just silly.

Filk Friday

In the summer of 2000, there was a special event held at GenCon (back when there was just one, and it was in Milwaukee) that will likely live on in convention and Club Jade infamy for generations. The previous fall, Del Rey had taken the reigns of the Star Wars novel line and started things off by killing Chewbacca. Club Jade, in turn, held a funeral and wake for the mighty wookiee at GenCon, complete with a processional bearing his coffin marching through the Hyatt led by a bagpiper tooting Amazing Grace. The Normals were stunned, I tell you.

At the following wake was held a filking tribute to Chewie, a contest where victory was claimed by Carla Lute with her Dixie Chicks filk, “Chewie Had to Die”.