EUbits: Upcoming from DK and Dark Horse

Upcoming. has a look at some of DK’s 2011 offerings, including Secrets of the Jedi, which sounds like a kid’s version of The Jedi Path. Also up are the December 2010 comics, including Knight Errant #3 and Legacy: War #1.

Interviews. Nathan P. Butler and Andrew Lupi talk to Shannon McRandle.

Column. EUC’s column this week, about death in the EU, is… gigantic.

Fanmade. A custom Mara Jade Mighty Mugg.

4 Replies to “EUbits: Upcoming from DK and Dark Horse”

  1. What a cracking piece on EU Cantina. That site is consistently hitting the nail on the head with their columns, news and podcasts. Great site and always good to check out.

  2. That EU death column was very well written, I dont really agree with him on Mara or Jacen though. I liked those deaths. Mara was very tragic, but it shook things up massively and I love the fact that they were brave enough to do that. Though I guess Jacen surviving could have worked.

    I was so freaked out about Mara dying that I thought they’d killed off Luke later in the series!

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