Because what the Expanded Universe really needs is another deus ex machina!

Sacrifice Spoilers

Yes, there are Sacrifice spoilers in the links, so don’t even think about mousing over them if you haven’t read the book. No, I’m not posting any details here, but I gotta quote this:

Lucas Licensing apparently allowed this disaster to happen and now we should call on them to reverse it. The Sith have the power to bring back the dead and so too then does the Force.

Whether it is [CHARACTER] or [CHARACTER] or even someone else I don’t care. I just want [SPOILER] back.

I’m facepalming as hard as I can. Look, being sad/disappointed with the ‘event’ is all well and good, but internet petitions over spilt milk are just silly.

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  1. You’re right, this is a hardcore facepalm moment.

    In fact, I think I’ll move my palm out of the way so I can make this a headdesk moment.

    Grow up, people. If your best friend or most beloved family member died, would you really be knocking on the door of your Friendly Neighborhood Necromantic Satanists (i.e. the Sith) to bring her back? Or getting signatures for a petition to have God (i.e. the Force) resurrect them? Or would you just grieve deeply and then get on with your fucking life?

  2. People must be really bored.

    And hello? Did they not watch the same Episode III as I did?

  3. I’m waiting on the rewrite of Sacrifice where …umm… Lando dies instead. And all the Mando bits are replaced by cuddling.

  4. Why not bring back Mara Jade?
    Though I know this petition isn’t likely to succeed (and though i do have a day job)..why not?

    Don’t forget that ultimately it is we the fans the make people like Lucas rich.


    How dare you not support a petition in support of Mara Jade. You are a disgrace to Star Wars fandom. In fact you should rename this site Jade Hypocrisy.

  6. It’s not a petition in support of Mara Jade. It’s a petition in support of making Mara Jade complicit in bad, wank-a-rific storytelling. Killing her may have been a bad idea, but summoning Zombie Mara won’t fix it; it’ll just be two back-to-back bad story ideas about Mara.

    If death has no meaning in Star Wars, then the challenges and sacrifices the characters make also have no meaning.

    I’ll miss Mara greatly. I’ll be joyous to see her in flashbacks and works set earlier in the timeline. But I’m not going to demand they resurrect her like a pooch buried in Pet Semetary.

  7. “In fact you should rename this site Jade Hypocrisy.”

    I’ll get right on that, right after I finish part one of my essay that explores why exactly Mara is a such horrible Mary Sue and a disgrace to the entire Star Wars saga.

    No, seriously: what JSarek said. I don’t think encouraging LucasBooks and Del Rey to turn a fully-plotted book series on a dime just so one character can ‘live’ is a good idea. We don’t even know yet how the series ends, what the role of Mara’s death will have on the whole story, and I personally want to see the fall-out. The petition’s demands are far-fetched and ill-advised, and smack of nothing more than overblown fan whining and a ‘suggestion’ that would be better (and more understandably) served up by fanfic writers. I can’t see Del Rey taking it seriously at all.

    There are several ways such a petition could go about more respectfully. (Well, as respectfully as an online petition can get.) A call by fans that such character deaths make the EU darker and discourage fans, maybe? A request for Mara books set in the EU’s open spaces? Ways that don’t insult the intelligence of Del Rey and Mara’s fans, and would have a slightly better chance of actually being influential.

  8. Boba Fett never died though – not only in a “we didn’t see him ACTUALLY die” sense, but in the sense that we were told in the movie that you don’t die in the Sarlacc, you instead get to experience a thousand years of living hell.

    Even then, bringing him back probably wasn’t the greatest story move ever conceived, but at least there was a pre-existing context for it to work.

  9. What jSarek said, in regards to Boba. There’s an unwritten rule in fantasy stories (and sci-fi as well) that if you don’t see the character die, then the character can possibly come back. Case in point (along with Fett): Alema Rar, Jack Sparrow, Ian Malcolm in the Jurassic Park series (of course, that was Spielberg’s doing…), and of course, we can’t forget those rumors/speculation that Mace Windu is still alive… ;)

  10. So unless I want a character to “live” forever, I can’t be a fan? What hogwash. I don’t mind character’s deaths. I didn’t understand the outcry when Chewie died, either. Or Anakin Solo. It’s sad when a beloved character dies, yes, but I’ll take a death done well over butchered characterization (and Mara has suffered PLENTY of those!) any day.

  11. Y’know, I’d be half tempted to sign, but it’s really not enough. I want Anakin Solo back. I want Ithor back. I want Ikrit back and Tahiri (yeah, she’s not technically dead, they just altered her to the point where she was no longer Tahiri), and a list of other people and planets Del Rey took out in their killing spree.

    When Luke wakes up from a nightmare where he realizes the Vong were all a bad dream, lemme know. I may come back to the EU.

    Del Rey has just slowly killed off every bit of Star Wars I found really interesting, save perhaps Luke, but I’ve gotten tired of watching him physically and emotionally getting beaten.

    It’s also the idea I’m picking up that he has no relationship with his son. What the heck? I don’t buy it. Yeah, war and all, but I don’t buy Luke post-war not absolutely smothering his only child in affection. Otherwise, no one learned anything…that gets me on the Jacen storyline too. If *anyone* should know better about the Sith, he should.

    ::head/desk:: as I’ve said before, I’m just done.

  12. I still can’t believe that bastard Lucas killed Obi-Wan Kenobi, Owen Lars and Beru Lars. They were my faves.

    And Tarkin was awesome too….why DID HE HAVE TO DIE!?!!?

    Oh, cruel world.


    Seriously, if the movies tell us anything, it’s this. People die. Heroes die. Yes, it sucks, and yes, its “not fair”.

    But that’s life.

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