FOTJ marketing push continues for Omen

Yesterday, NJOE dug up some details on the marketing plan for the second Fate of the Jedi book, Christie Golden’s Omen. It includes an appearance by Christie Golden at San Diego Comic Con and new content on like a live author chat (a first?) and ‘Ben’s Journal’ – which sounds like something in the same vein as the Outcast postcards.

Not quite sure where they got the info, but it’s similar to what’s in the Random House Summer catalog (not yet available on their website, but you can find a PDF here – or see the relevant page under the jump.) Omen and the related publicity info are on page 72. But as you’ll note by the Abyssesque cover image, the catalog info is not necessarily the most up to date, and these things do have a tendency to change. But with the release date of June 23 bearing down, we’ll have news out of one way or another.

(Speaking of, Pablo Hidalgo’s Essential Guide to G.I. JOE is on page 85.) Continue reading “FOTJ marketing push continues for Omen

Fate of the Jedi: First Abyss blurb spotted

More new info spotted by Ewan of! Along with Deathtroopers, he spotted some brief Fate of the Jedi blurbs. The first, for Golden’s Omen, echos what we got in last week’s full copy from the official site. The other, for Denning’s Abyss (third book in the series) is all-new. Read it beneath the cut, but again, remember this isn’t confirmed information. Continue readingFate of the Jedi: First Abyss blurb spotted”

Poll results: Anticipating the new publishing contract

Behold, the next three years of Star Wars publishing, ranked by CJ readers. Most of you seem to be looking forward to Fate of the Jedi: This poll also got more votes than the second, 172 to 143. Of the second poll, which asked you to choose from among the rest of the new contract’s fiction (at least those that we have some detail on) the clear winners were those that have established fanbases: Cunningham’s Blood Oath, featuring charter member of the Jaina Solo harem, Zekk; Irvine’s Knights of the Old Republic novel, set just before the popular games; Traviss’ Imperial Commando; and Drew Karpyshyn’s third Darth Bane novel. The rest are certain to see their stock rise as we get more details.

EU newsbits: Rebel Force, Golden, lost comics

Rebel Force revealed: TFN, via Eddie, has the blurbs for the first two books of the upcoming (and still not officially announced) Scholastic series. The gist? They start off right after A New Hope and star Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie. Continuity fans are already freaking out, but the rest of us might actually want to try the things. (Over at, Eddie says he found them in the latest Previews, so all signs point to legitimacy.)

Fate of the Jedi blurb from the Random House

Random House has posted their spring catalog as a PDF, and it includes a blurb (though no cover) for Fate of the Jedi!

Fate of the Jedi launches a huge story arc, with heroic roles for the galaxy’s most beloved characters — Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, and their surviving children, Ben Skywalker and Jaina Solo. While Luke and Ben set off on the journey of a lifetime — of discovery and hardship, of obstacles and victories—the others remain in more familiar territory, dealing with the aftermath of the civil war that rocked the galaxy in the Legacy of the Force.

Some of that is familiar from early rumors but it’s good to have some sort of official confirmation. (When are the print catalogs sent out, exactly? Could it be the source of the early leak? Plus there are a few recently-revealed things missing, like the title of book 1, Outcast.) We can also expect a seven-city author tour, a “free PDF sampler giveaway,” an “original prequel short story” and a live chat (that’s been a while) on (No, isn’t live yet!)

Millennium Falcon also gets a page, which touts that it will have an excerpt from Outcast. Excerpts in hardcovers? That’s new…

The next three years in Star Wars publishing

Well, after starting an avalanche of reveals last week, gives us a lowdown of the new publishing contract (so far.) Some of it we already know: Fate of the Jedi, Blood Oath, The Clone Wars. As for reveals…

  • Blood Oath features… Zekk! Still not dead.
  • Christie Golden’s Star Wars debut in summer ’09 will be titled Fate of the Jedi: Enigma.
  • Karen Traviss’ Imperial Commando series will be in paperback, and the first book is 501st, also due next summer.
  • Winter ’09 brings another (horror!?!) standalone from a new author, Joe Schreiber.
  • And a guide to Vader published by Becker & Mayer, who handled last year’s Vault.
  • Drew Karpyshyn’s third Bane novel (hardcover, natch) will appear in early 2010, as will Kemp’s standalone.
  • Fall 2010 bring a Star Wars craft book by Bonnie Burton.

  • And another new-to-us author, Alex Irvine, tackles the ancient Jedi.
  • For 2011 expect Traviss’ Boba Fett standalone in paperback.
  • And another PB from Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.