FOTJ marketing push continues for Omen

Yesterday, NJOE dug up some details on the marketing plan for the second Fate of the Jedi book, Christie Golden’s Omen. It includes an appearance by Christie Golden at San Diego Comic Con and new content on like a live author chat (a first?) and ‘Ben’s Journal’ – which sounds like something in the same vein as the Outcast postcards.

Not quite sure where they got the info, but it’s similar to what’s in the Random House Summer catalog (not yet available on their website, but you can find a PDF here – or see the relevant page under the jump.) Omen and the related publicity info are on page 72. But as you’ll note by the Abyssesque cover image, the catalog info is not necessarily the most up to date, and these things do have a tendency to change. But with the release date of June 23 bearing down, we’ll have news out of one way or another.

(Speaking of, Pablo Hidalgo’s Essential Guide to G.I. JOE is on page 85.)


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