Fate of the Jedi: First Abyss blurb spotted

More new info spotted by Ewan of SWBooks.co.uk! Along with Deathtroopers, he spotted some brief Fate of the Jedi blurbs. The first, for Golden’s Omen, echos what we got in last week’s full copy from the official site. The other, for Denning’s Abyss (third book in the series) is all-new. Read it beneath the cut, but again, remember this isn’t confirmed information.

Luke and Ben Skywalker arrive in the mysterious part of space called The Maw in search of more clues as to what caused Jacen Solo’s downfall into the dark side. But they are not the only ones exploring The Maw: a Sith Master and her apprentice arrive there, too, having followed the delinquent ancient Sith ship found by Ben in The Legacy of the Force – and they’re thrilled to find Luke there, because they are determined to kill him. But there’s another powerful being hiding in The Maw. It’s enormously strong, purely evil, and it has its own plans for Luke Skywalker…

Waru. Totally Waru. (Just kidding.)

5 Replies to “Fate of the Jedi: First Abyss blurb spotted”

  1. I thought this series was meant to be an ensemble? So far the blurbs seem to have focused almost entirely on Luke and Ben (other than brief mentions of Valin Horn and Daala).

    I hope it’s *not* just about Luke because he’s been irritating me for a while now.

  2. The official Omen one mentions more people, so the Abyss one probably will, too.

    In any case, it’s a Denning book: You don’t need a blurb to know there will be lots of Han/Leia, probably Jaina as well.

  3. Just kidding, nothing. We’ve already got respectable!Daala. I’m now hoping for further wacky return characters. Waru would be good. Callista has potential. Akanah, too. I may have to go scan the Bantam novels for further candidates. :p

  4. I’m now totally distracted by the question of what makes a Sith ship delinquent. Was it late to planetary genocide class because it was hanging out at the corner black hole with its no-good bounty hunter friends?

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