Rumor: Celebration 5 confirmed? Yeeeaaahh….

GalacticBinder is reporting that ‘reliable sources’ have confirmed a Celebration 5 date and location to them: Mid-August 2010 in Orlando. With all respect to GalacticBinder, I’m not ready to believe quite yet. Alas, I have to hit the hay early tonight, but you may want to keep a weather eye on (Protip: No flash in the archives) and/or @starwars just in case. Or, as they say themselves:

FYI: unless you hear #StarWars Celebration news on @starwars or, it’s NOT official.

Though judging by how far and wide that has been retweeted in the few minutes since it was posted, we’re all far too cynical to believe anyone but LFL themselves at this point.

Could Celebration V really be going to… Orlando?

Let go of your desire to have the con in City X.With Baltimore down for the count, many are assuming that Orlando is pretty much a done deal. It’s certainly not out of the running (and I won’t deny adding several area business feeds to my RSS reader) but people… We really need to be patient.

I know, I know. I’ve been terrible at that myself, particularly when we failed to see much of anything through the summer. But now it’s time to be zen and get in touch with our inner Yodas. It’ll happen when it happens. And if it is in Florida… Well, we’ll deal. One way or another. With margaritas, if need be. Giant, Hoth-themed margaritas.

Report: Celebration V won’t be in Baltimore

The Baltimore Business Journal has revealed that the city’s bid for the 2010 convention has been rejected:

Organizers of the Star Wars Celebration V rejected the city because its convention center doesn’t have enough room, said Tom Noonan, who heads the city tourist bureau. The four-day gathering could have attracted 35,000 visitors and filled 12,000 hotel room nights — a larger impact than any convention the city currently hosts.

The status of bids from Orlando, Chicago or any of the other east coast cities that have been mentioned as candidates remain unknown to us. (via)

Orlando preparing Celebration V bid?

They’re pitching it next week for an August 2010 date, information procured by TheForce.Net says:

A presentation is being prepared for Lucasfilm and Reed Exhibitions next week and the group plans to narrow down the candidate cities to (2) by October 10th. From there, site visits will commence for the rest of the month with a tentative decision to be made by November 1st.

Perhaps just as interesting, is that a second bid is listed for an additional Celebration in August of 2014.

This does not mean Orlando will get the convention(s,) just that they’re trying for it, but I’ve done a bit of research on my own and I believe they could be a leading candidate. But August in Florida? Heat, humidity, and hurricanes? I’m not so sure about that, but at this point it may be their only opening. (I’m still crossing my fingers for Baltimore or Chicago.)

TFN also points out that Reed Exhibitions has been organizing New York Comic-Con. Of course, this is all unconfirmed!

The fandom minute: Star Wars religious icons, Disney & LFL, CV, McVader, spaceships

Imperial Saints by Patrick King When the stormies come marching in. io9 goes for the cheap and easy with a roundup of Star Wars fan art inspired by religious art. Half of it is photoshoppery and such that we’ve seen before, but the icons by Patrick King are pretty cool.

Theories. Some day George will want to buy a tropical island and sit around drinking mai tais all day, and then I’ll consider Disney buying Lucasfilm an actual possibility. For one thing, I don’t think the FCC would be too thrilled about it…

Facebook. There’s an unofficial Celebration V fan page you can join, if so inclined. Meanwhile, the latest tidbit on the con? You can win a free trip to it. Does that mean we’ll get a date before Halloween? We can but dream…

McAdvertising. Vader is shilling for McDonalds in Europe.

Lists. The Falcon and a couple of other Star Wars ships on Den of Geek’s top 75 spaceships.

A Star Tours 2.0 announcement in September?

That’s what TFN is speculating, based on word that costumed Star Wars fans and “Imperial dignitaries” will be in attendance at Disney’s D23 Expo next month. (Disney World Star Tours photo by Michael Sauers.)

And while I’m not sure I want to face the possibility, we have heard Orlando (aka ground zero for Disney World) brought up in the list of sites that were being considered for C5. Not that I’m encouraging anyone to get their hopes up (again,) but you never know… (SERIOUSLY: Do not count on it. I’m just grasping at straws here.)

ETA: Evidence!