Celebration V: The madness begins

I spent much of the day at the StarWars.com booth. While they weren’t selling anything, there were several products on display. Including the small Mara Jade statue you see above! It’s a Star Wars Shop exclusive and will be on sale sometime next year, along with a Darth Bane. Stop by the booth to get a closer look, or I’ll have more pictures later. (Sorry. Conhaustion is kicking in.) Also coming? A friend for the Garden Jawa:

I only got to one panel today, and that may very well be the record for the attending Jaders. (Yes. Ouch. By which I mean, our feet.) The good news is it was the Essential Guides, and there was news: A third Essential Guide to Characters is coming, tentatively dated for 2012.

But the big news, if Twitter and my RSS feeder is to be believed, is that a clip shown at ‘The Clone Wars: Evolution’ panel featured Republic Commandos. Big Shiny Robot has a write-up of both Clone Wars panels, while EU Cantina found video.

I’m hearing that the Hoth Ice Bar is the place to be. Hoping to make it over tomorrow: And I will tweet if I can stay for a while, but it’s looking like another crazy day!

Celebration V: It starts tomorrow!

There’s a new addition to the schedule this morning, the debut of a video
commemorating The Empire Strikes Back
featuring George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Lawrence Kasdan, and John Williams.

Want swag? Keep an eye on the Twitter: We’ll post the where and when there.

Off to Celebration V… Watch the, err, Twitter

I’m leaving for Orlando in the morning, so I probably won’t have much chance to blog. (No free wifi at my airport. Boo.) Most Jaders are actually working at the con, so we might not be able to get news up here immediately… But keep an eye on the @clubjade Twitter and #SWCV hashtag. It’s the quickest and easiest way for us to get stuff out. And keep an eye here in the evenings! We have the technology, just not necessarily the time.

Here’s a few things that popped up today:

Celebration V tips: Packing and traveling

I’m finally beginning to pack in earnest for the con, and so here’s a couple things that have come to mind:

  • Print out everything and keep it close at hand. Your flight info, your hotel reservation, any invitations or party confirmations… Even if you have the smartest smartphone in the world, you never know. And don’t forget your pass, if you already have it!
  • Bring at least two pairs of very walkable shoes… And alternate them throughout the con. Your feet will get tired. Note: Even if you wear them constantly at home, Doc Martens are not good con shoes. Really. (I learned that one at C3… Ouch.)
  • Take note of all the cords and chargers for your electronics, and if you’re flying, keep them in your carry-on or purse so that you won’t be totally powerless if your luggage gets lost or delayed. (Plus, they WILL open your laptop if you put in checked luggage.)
  • You can’t go wrong with a few extra t-shirts. Also, an umbrella or lightweight rainproof jacket. Just in case.
  • I know I don’t need to tell our well-groomed and fabulous readers this, but… Pack the serious deodorant. This is Florida. Bug spray and sunblock are good bets, too.
  • You’ll need something to haul your loot around at the con once you get there, and I recommend a messenger bag. You do not want a backpack when dealing with southern humidity, plus it makes it slightly harder for possible thieves to get at your stuff. If you don’t think that’s enough room, go out and get some foldable tote bags. (I like the RuMes, but similar bags aren’t too hard to find.)
  • This seems obvious, but I forget it half the time: Ladies, if you’re flying, make sure you chose a bra that doesn’t have any metal bits. (Says the woman who wore steel-toed boots to jury duty a few weeks ago… Skip those, too!) It’s not the end of the world if they have to frisk you, but it will save you a few minutes at the airport.

No doubt I’ve missed something: What packing tips do you have?

Celebration V roundup: Prep or be prepped!

It’s the last weekend before the con. What have you done so far?

Saturday is the last day to pre-order tickets to TheForce.net’s party! You want in on this, guys: In addition to being organized by CJ’s own lovely Dajuan, they’ve added a ton of celebrity guests in the last few days. You’ll want to be there!

Celebration V roundup: Less than a week to go!

Postcard Art by Randy Martinez

The schedule appears pretty much complete, and the good news is that the the Main Event looks to be taking up every screen in the place.

StarWars.com is posting some handy guides based on your Star Wars foci. So far: Movie fans, Costuming and clothing, Builders/Makers and Engineers, art and art lovers and The Clone Wars.

(No EU yet, but the signing schedule for authors is up!)

I fly out Tuesday and I haven’t done a damn thing. Eek! But we will have swag: More on that later! In the meantime, head over to Facebook and tell us what your most-wanted item is.