Celebration V tips: Packing and traveling

I’m finally beginning to pack in earnest for the con, and so here’s a couple things that have come to mind:

  • Print out everything and keep it close at hand. Your flight info, your hotel reservation, any invitations or party confirmations… Even if you have the smartest smartphone in the world, you never know. And don’t forget your pass, if you already have it!
  • Bring at least two pairs of very walkable shoes… And alternate them throughout the con. Your feet will get tired. Note: Even if you wear them constantly at home, Doc Martens are not good con shoes. Really. (I learned that one at C3… Ouch.)
  • Take note of all the cords and chargers for your electronics, and if you’re flying, keep them in your carry-on or purse so that you won’t be totally powerless if your luggage gets lost or delayed. (Plus, they WILL open your laptop if you put in checked luggage.)
  • You can’t go wrong with a few extra t-shirts. Also, an umbrella or lightweight rainproof jacket. Just in case.
  • I know I don’t need to tell our well-groomed and fabulous readers this, but… Pack the serious deodorant. This is Florida. Bug spray and sunblock are good bets, too.
  • You’ll need something to haul your loot around at the con once you get there, and I recommend a messenger bag. You do not want a backpack when dealing with southern humidity, plus it makes it slightly harder for possible thieves to get at your stuff. If you don’t think that’s enough room, go out and get some foldable tote bags. (I like the RuMes, but similar bags aren’t too hard to find.)
  • This seems obvious, but I forget it half the time: Ladies, if you’re flying, make sure you chose a bra that doesn’t have any metal bits. (Says the woman who wore steel-toed boots to jury duty a few weeks ago… Skip those, too!) It’s not the end of the world if they have to frisk you, but it will save you a few minutes at the airport.

No doubt I’ve missed something: What packing tips do you have?

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  1. I’m not going, but from previous con experiences:

    Snacks (like nuts) if you can find a grocery store nearby help alleviate hunger until you can find a good meal!

    Breath mints (use them)

    Hand sanitizer (use it)

    And if you’re sick: Stay in your hotel room. Please don’t infect perfectly healthy fans who are enjoying the con while you are not. :p

  2. Breath mints! Altoids, not gum, because a) they WORK and b) you don’t have to worry about throwing them away.

    And I HATED hand sanitizer until I found the alcohol-free kind. They do exist, and they work just fine.

  3. This is going to sound obvious but: bring cash. Convention center ATMs are usually empty after the first day, and some dealers/vendors/vending machines still don’t take plastic.

  4. -Battery backups for your smartphone. If you use it for photos, facebook, twitter, SMS, etc. all day, the battery might not make it. An extra battery of some kind will help.
    -Shopping lists! Make a list of the things you want to try to buy at the show. Once there your brain can get overwhelmed and you don’t want to forget anything.
    -Extra glasses/contacts (if you wear them). Would suck to have your only pair get damaged and then you have to either spend half a day getting new ones or go the rest of the week blind.
    -Mini, clip-on Sharpies to hang from your lanyard. Perfect for random celeb encounters!

  5. I’m not going, but I have traveled lots with large groups of people to large events.

    Find a website that tells you what you can/cannot take on your carry-on. Airline and government websites will usually have links to such websites. You might be surprised what you can/cannot bring on.

    Give yourself lots of time for traffic and whatnot. Its better to be early, then late.

    Keep everything organized, it will make your life soooo much easier.

    Keep anything important (passport/other ID, wallet, tickets passes, whatnot) in a small passport purse that can go around your neck.

  6. Have a sharpie/pen and paper/index cards handy in case have a chance to snag an autograph from someone like Steve Sansweet or other Lucasfilm fave!!

    Business cards to trade email addys with new friends you meet while waiting in line for hours…and hours…and hours…

  7. I’d also suggest bringing along report covers with backer boards to keep autographed pictures and other cherished collectibles safe from the squishies.

    And let me re-state the whole “STAY IN YOUR ROOM IF YOU’RE SICK!” thing. I’ve seen large swaths of fans taken out because one idiot couldn’t bare to miss it.

  8. and a big bottle of Febreze to spray people in line who forgot deodorant, just returned from smoking a cigar, or are just annoying.

    with snacks, it helps to have something that’s not crushable/meltable when it gets smashed in your bag with all the other stuff you’re carrying. nuts, raisins, dried cranberries, hard granola bars, etc.

  9. I take a 3 ring binder with clear pages for autographs and trading card pockets for all the papers I want to keep.

    I also keep the schedule in there and the map so I always have it handy.

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