“You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.” Canon, continuity, and the Expanded Universe

There’s been a lot of talk about continuity and canon in fandom lately. Well, there always is, but this latest round was prompted by the tail end of The Clone Wars S3 and the Petition of the 2000.

I mentioned the petition – and the reaction to it – in my last opinion piece on civility in fandom, but I didn’t really address the actual issues that prompted it. Mostly because, quite honestly? The whole thing bores the hell out of me, but the lack of casual/moderate voices bugs me even more. Go figure.

I’ve been reading Star Wars books and comics for nearly 20 years now: They have never been been perfect, and expecting them to be at this point strikes me as just plain naïve. The Expanded Universe is kind of like Millennium Falcon: It more than does the job, and many of us are awfully fond of it, but it’s not without flaws. Big, honking, flaws. And sometimes? It just flat-out sucks. Continue reading ““You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.” Canon, continuity, and the Expanded Universe”

Book and canon comments from Rostoni and Chee

First up, some very good news for the Fate of the Jedi fans in the crowd. Today, editor Sue Rostoni posts:

We’re moving around some pub dates, so stay tuned. Next week I’ll be posting a blog reflecting the revised calendar. The major change is that we’ve moved some of the Fate of the Jedi novels, beginning next year, to give the authors a bit more time to write …. longer novels. We conjured up a few beefy subplots to add to the mix that are really going to increase action, tension, and characters and wanted to be sure each author has enough time to really develop and write the stories without a lot of rush.

Many folks were upset by the slimness of Outcast and Omen, so bigger books are good news. Head under the cut for the canon stuff. Continue reading “Book and canon comments from Rostoni and Chee”

On Jossing, canon, and The Clone Wars

Can’t say I’m particularly broken up about the departure of Karen Traviss from Star Wars, as I wasn’t planning to read any of her forthcoming novels anyway. However, I’ve been following the threads on the fan boards and in-between the mourning/celebration some interesting points have been raised: How far is The Clone Wars going in railroading over existing canon, if it’s driven away an author who infamously loved to retcon? Continue reading “On Jossing, canon, and The Clone Wars

Poll: How much do you care about continuity?

Have you ever bemoaned a minor error in a novel as the end of Star Wars as we know it? Do clumsy retcons set you raging? Did the prequel’s Jossing of previously established EU elements make you seek therapy? Are you up all hours on TFN or Wookieepedia debating such things? If so, sometimes you scare even me, but it’s our latest poll nonetheless. Vote beneath the cut or on the sidebar. Continue reading “Poll: How much do you care about continuity?”

Sue Rostoni on cover art

IMAGE: ‘Rogue Leader’ by Dave SeeleyFirst off, she explains that while the ‘Rogue Leader’ image “hasn’t been chosen to become the cover of the Luke book, the idea is one that appeals to us.

She also addresses the concept of covers and canon, which has been a hot topic over at the TOS boards lately:

With SW, we’ve tried to get covers to stay true to what’s happening inside, but it’s rarely completely possible. I think we’ve done a very, very good job with our covers in conveying the sense and feeling of the books. Personally, I don’t think covers should be cannon at all…… an exception might be when an EU character who has never been seen before shows up on a cover, then we’d use that as future reference… but people need to be realistic about these things.

Check out the Books, Comics, and Television VIP thread at StarWars.com for more.

From the Blogside

The biggest discovery this week is Sarn Jasra and his excellent Revisionist History essays. Only two of a planned six are up so far, focusing on The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones – but these explorations of his reaction and opinion regarding the films is a good read and top-notch stuff.

Citizenjess gets her rant on about Star Wars canon. Yes folks, sometimes you just have to suck it up and realize that Star Wars is not perfect.

The folks at the X-Entertainment blog play with Star Wars Transformers.

Sabrina Fried explores shifting storylines in Star Wars.

Lee Kottner blogerates in defense of fanfic.

Hesychasm on what fandom is; Shoiryu’s take, for cynics.

Imadra-blue gives into the Obidala side of the Force.

RJ-1 Kenobi is puzzled by fans who want to rewrite the prequels.

Averii has some thoughts on Jedi in the Expanded Universe.