Video: Five lame things in Star Wars canon

It’s funny because it’s true. Dear George, it’s all true, except I think that whole theory about Boba Fett improving anything got thrown out circa Attack of the Clones.

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  1. Nice collection. :-)
    And btw: thank God, I’m not the only one thinking that those weird lightsaber combat forms – and their moronic names – are total crap. Okay, in all honesty, I think the lightsaber fighting in AOTC and ROTS was total crap as well, so I may be a little biased there. ;-)

  2. I take exception to his use of the term “canon.” To those of us in the 501st, “canon” means you saw it on a movie screen. Everything else is “extended universe.”

  3. Gonna disagree with Aaron about the lightsaber fights. I think having them over the top and really ramped up was one of the few redeeming qualities of the prequels. Watch the Anakin/Obi-Wan fight on Mustafar and then the Vader/Ben fight on the Death Star. It’s night and day, but the only thing I didn’t like was the Mustafar fight had a bit where the two combatants just sat there spinning their blades like The Star Wars Kid. It reached that fevered pitch almost in parody.

  4. To go off topic for an instance: I liked TPM just fine. Best duels in the saga, as far as I’m concerned. They should have hired Ray Park as their lightsaber consultant, but unfortunately they went with Nick Gillard, who – as virtually every swordsman in the world will tell you – doesn’t know a thing about swordfights. The only reason the duels in TPM were beautifully done and terrifically acrobatic was Ray Park. In AOTC and ROTS, on the other hand, half of the duels were terribly stiff and the other half was over the top bouncing. Not my idea of Jedi fighting, but maybe that’s just me.

  5. Clark: I won’t even bother to argue about canon – there’ll probably be some Wookieepedian coming by (politely, please) with all that jazz soon enough – but the term is expanded universe, not extended.

    Though you should probably read the article Wired did on LFL’s continuity guru Leland Chee a couple months ago.

  6. Hi all… I’m a frequent reader but I don’t comment much… I only saw the holiday special recently (and I didn’t make it through all of it) but I always did wonder where Lumpy’s name came from! I totally agree about the lightsaber forms… lame.

  7. Hi Lia! Don’t be afraid to comment… We don’t bite that much. ;)

    I forgot to say in my last post… The lightsaber form things is the most extreme symptom (in that video, anyway) of the ridiculousness of everything having to have an explanation. And so many of the fans actually want that. I for one am perfectly happy to have things go unexplained…

  8. @Clark and Fievel: as someone that writes/creates universes myself, I tend to think that writers have an “it is if I say it is” prerogative when it comes to canon. If Lucas says something is canon, then for better or for worse, it’s canon. I may choose to ignore some of it (and boy do I ever), but that doesn’t change Lucas’s intentions. I don’t get to decide what he counts as part of his written world any more than he gets to decide what counts as part of the worlds I write.

  9. Lightsaber forms are increasingly in the same camp as starship performance stats. Oh yeah, they’re written down and meticulously cataloged… and ignore by everyone except people on message boards. :)


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