Book and canon comments from Rostoni and Chee

First up, some very good news for the Fate of the Jedi fans in the crowd. Today, editor Sue Rostoni posts:

We’re moving around some pub dates, so stay tuned. Next week I’ll be posting a blog reflecting the revised calendar. The major change is that we’ve moved some of the Fate of the Jedi novels, beginning next year, to give the authors a bit more time to write …. longer novels. We conjured up a few beefy subplots to add to the mix that are really going to increase action, tension, and characters and wanted to be sure each author has enough time to really develop and write the stories without a lot of rush.

Many folks were upset by the slimness of Outcast and Omen, so bigger books are good news. Head under the cut for the canon stuff.

In the thread people are using to discuss Traviss’ leavetaking and continuity concerns, she says:

…Try not to get too caught up in it — I don’t think it’s as huge an issue as is being played out. Not to belittle continuity at all — that’s not what I’m saying — just have faith in Leland, et al, to work this out. We’ve always hinted that there will be continuity issues and that we’d have to wait until further along into the animated series to resolve them all, but it will work out.

There’s no reason not to enjoy the upcoming Atlas or any of the other books — they’re still valid and still fun. And nothing can negate the enjoyment you’ve experienced in reading all that has come before.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, continuity guru Leland Chee (HolocronKeeper) said:

To clarify, the Clone Wars TIMELINE won’t get untangled until we reach the end of the series. Untangling other stuff is ongoing.

And back to, a brief reality check:

My roll is to provide reference when requested, advise at certain opportunities, and work with our licensees to create backstories to what they don’t give backstories to in the show. My involvement in the creation of the series does not go beyond that.

And again:

As far as continuity is concerned, my advise is to wait and see what actually happens in the Season 2 episodes before jumping to any conclusions about what continuity, if any, has been altered.

Basically: Chill out! Sounds good to me.

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  1. 1. YAY LONGER MEATIER BOOKS! (or 400 pages of snooze… ¬_¬ )

    2. Fans freak out over everything. It’s annoying, but I don’t think it’d be fandom without people acting like it’s the apocalypse.

  2. Awesome! Who knew that our complaining would actually motivate them to write longer books. I don’t care about wait time id it means we’ll get thicker books.

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