New schedule, new titles, new authors from Sue

We’re at JadeCon, having a blast – and I’m just taking a brief email break, and what should come up on my feed reader but a brand-spanking new book schedule from Sue Rostoni? I can’t even wrap my brain around the date changes right now, but here’s the big news:

  • Fifth and final Clone Wars book (Karen Miller) is Gambit: Siege. March 2010.
  • July 2010 will be a “coming attraction by well-known author.” Nothing more to be revealed. Sean Williams, maybe?
  • September 2010. A book that only “might” come to be.
  • A second book by Joe Schreiber (not a Death Troopers sequel) is coming October 5, 2010.
  • Fate of the Jedi book seven (Allston) is titled Conviction. April 2011.
  • The tentative title for Zahn’s Allegiance sequel is Choices. September 2011.
  • October 2011 bring a new author: Jeff Grubb.

Our book release schedule will be updated… Uhh, soon. Soonish.

In other news, she has confirmed that the Boba Fett book and Blood Oath are both canceled.

4 Replies to “New schedule, new titles, new authors from Sue”

  1. This sounds like possible Live Action Series news:

    “July, 2010 — Coming attraction by well-known author. Not to be disclosed. I can’t answer ANY questions about this one, and probably shouldn’t even put it in here. So pretend you didn’t see it, okay? Really. I won’t even acknowledge your questions about this. Maybe I just stuck it in here for conversation… who knows?”

  2. I was really hoping Blood Oath would go ahead :( I’m not really fussed about Zekk, but the Hapan twins interest me, and I loved Elaine Cunningham’s other book. I wonder how they’ll explain Zekk’s disappearance now?

    I can’t really comment on the other books announced since we don’t even know what era they’re from yet.

  3. Really dissapointed in the Fett novel being cancelled, Karen Travis has become my favorite author since Kevin Anderson and its a real shame she’s not going to be writing for Star Wars anymore

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