SyFy shuffles schedule, fans gnash teeth

The SyFy ::giggle:: Channel is changing its schedule to accommodate a new deal for WWE’s Smackdown.

Yes, science fiction fans, you can now restart that RPG night you’d blown off on Friday nights to watch your favorite original science fiction programming.  The SyFy Friday slate of shows are apparently moving to Tuesdays, come this fall.

The Twitter-verse (and I’m sure many other online sites) are already in an uproar.  But Airlock Alpha seems to think this will give them the profit margin they’ll need to pay for their less-viewed original programming.

But if schedules stay the same on the main networks, that will put them up against the ratings stalwarts NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, American Idol and Glee.  Not entirely sure how that will help the situation.


6 Replies to “SyFy shuffles schedule, fans gnash teeth”

  1. And what if ABC decides to give Lost’s slot to another sci-fi show? Hrm.

    But I guess it matters less and less – for viewers, anyway – in the DVR era.

  2. We’re the SyFy Channel, and that’s a brand-able name right there. Doesn’t have anything to do with Science Fiction. Nosiree. ‘Cuz science fiction is for nerds in their basements and not for regular people and pretty ladies! So how are we gonna alter our programing to show that we’re new and progressive and downright classy? More WRASSLIN’!

  3. *sigh* Well, fine. We’ll just record them and continue our six-year tradition of watching scifi on Friday nights. Because we can.

  4. Heh. Yeah, pretty much. Maybe I’m in the minority, but Friday night just seems like a nice one to watch television. After working all week I just don’t want to get up again and go out. There has to be some sort of decompression period between work and the weekend proper, even if it is just a single night.

  5. Coincidentally, that’s the only type of wrestling that should ever have been on the channel.

    Heck, it’s the only type of wrestling that should ever have been on period.

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