Legacy comic ending with #50?

So sayth the July 2010 comics solicitations. Here’s the summary for the finale:

The galaxy is teetering on the edge of a new future, with everyone fighting for a foothold — not to mention their lives! The galaxy that emerges from this chaotic battle could even end up without a Skywalker to carry the legacy that so many have come to depend on… The final issue! Sith versus Sith! Jedi versus Sith! Imperials versus Sith! Cade Skywalker versus Sith! It’s all-out war!

I’m neither surprised nor particularly heartbroken. Legacy started out strong, and it’s still likely to be the only Dark Horse ongoing series that I actually have enough interest in to read completely, but it feels like it (or rather, one Cade Skywalker) has been stuck in a rut for a good long while. Maybe a big, booming wrap up is just what the comic needs to live up to its early promise.

It does seem odd that the first we hear of this is via the solicitations, though… Particularly considering that writer John Ostrander said in October that Legacy would not be ending with #50.

UPDATE: Ostrander says on the Dark Horse boards: “It was true when I said it. And might still be. . .from a certain point of view.” So hold to this, Legacy fans: The series ending doesn’t necessarily mean that the story will.

5 Replies to “Legacy comic ending with #50?”

  1. Oddly enough, the galaxy without a Skywalker to protect could be a good thing for the future of the franchise. It leaves open story to be developed for an era beyond legacy and it wouldn’t be dependent on previous material (like Cade’s lineage).

  2. Heh. If Cade hadn’t been a Skywalker, I wouldn’t have been interested in the series in the least…

  3. Wow, Dunc. I was always of the opinion that the constant meddling of the Skywalker Clan was what was beginning to drag the series down…. But then I may be alone in that opinion.

  4. Oh, you’re not alone. And maybe you’re even right about the Skywalkers. But they’re what I’m in this for: If I wanted to read about ‘new’ characters I wouldn’t be reading SW books. (Granted, this only applies post-ROTJ for me, but we all have our foci.)

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