#StarWarsRoast with roasted potatoes, peas and carrots: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

We prepped for Celebration, dodged power lines, read Mercy Kill and a few miscreants held a roast. Why not?

Tweets for August 13-19

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Just walked under a power line with 10 or more birds on it, eyeballing me. In my mind I heard #AdmiralAckbar yell "It’s a trap!!"#starwarsDavid Ingram
Stitch as General Grievous is more adorable than I can take. #StarWars http://pic.twitter.com/X218jPp9Amy Ratcliffe
People rag on Lucas over edits, but isn’t Lucasfilm basically the only studio that openly tolerates remix distribution?Rob Beschizza
I doodled this little Luke Skywalker months and months ago but he still brings me joy at my work-job #starwars http://pic.twitter.com/2Z8Pf6cFSeanRunAmok


The #StarWarsCVI talking Admiral Ackbar plush doll is a great way to derail meetings. It’s a fact.Pablo Hidalgo
Getting ready for #StarWarsCVI, we’re going to get our Artoo his own hotel room because that dude knows how to party.StarWarsin60Minutes
I guess my son’s bunny is getting pretty psyched for Star Wars Celebration next week! #starwarscelebration http://pic.twitter.com/4B82DRywGrey DeLisle
Just woke up from a nightmare. I was at #StarWarsCVI. Couldn’t find anything. Missed every panel. At least I was fully clothed.Austin

The #StarWarsRoast hastag was good not-so-clean fun!

Check Naboob Strip Club RT @LightSideIntern If the prequels had only one flaw, it was that they needed more 3 boob Twileks. #StarWarsRoast Imperial_Intern
Ladies and Gentleman, let’s all give Luke Skywalker a hand! #StarWarsRoastDarth Intern
#StarWarsRoast with roasted potatoes, peas and carrots, $8.50DiscoDeathStar
Wedge Antilles: The guy whose greatest accomplishment in the series was "not blowing up and dying in space." #StarWarsRoastPatrick Braud
#starwarsroast Hey Obi-Wan! More powerful than I can ever imagine? Slimer could at least drive a bus as a ghost…what can you do?Stephen Kendall
People often ask me, "Lord Vader, why do rule with such an iron fist?"My reply, because Obi Wan took my last fleshy fist.#StarWarsRoastDarth Vader
#StarWarsRoast Who came up with these ship names. Star destroyer, x wing. It’s like the empire lives on sesame street.Joseph Gats
To defeat the Dark Side, you don’t need to know the force. Just the strength to pick up an old man & throw him down a shaft. #StarWarsRoastBrian Bates
For an all powerful emperor, Palpatine spends an a lot of time sitting around in a robe #StarWarsRoastMatt O’Brien
"Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking clones in this motherfucking temple!" #StarWarsRoastChristopher Garcia
"The Forest Moon of Endor" was the Emperor’s code name for his marijuana smuggling business #StarWarsRoastDarth Intern
Darth Vader is afraid of campfires, because of the roasted weiners #StarWarsRoastNavin Johnson
Only Boba Fett could get beaten by a blind guy waving a stick and still be considered the ultimate badass in the galaxy. #StarWarsRoastScadam
Only in the Star Wars Universe could a guy cheat at gambling for the prize of owning a little boy & still be the "good guy"!#StarWarsRoastDarth Vader
You know who also really enjoy a good roast? Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru!!! #StarWarsRoastLeia Orgasmic
Vader certainly has a way with the ladies. And that way is knocking them up, force choking them, and leaving them for dead. #StarWarsRoastAdmiral Ackbar
To hear Leia tell it, Han ALWAYS shoots first.#StarWarsRoastVic Daring
Didn’t Luke already have a #StarWarsRoast at the end of Return of the Jedi?clarkthehomonculus


Some light #SWEU reading. http://pic.twitter.com/x9CyXOrFPablo Hidalgo
It’s kind of sad that Mercy Kill feels more like an immediate sequel to the NJO than Dark Nest did. #SWEUNancipants
when 1st read XWing books, was younger than Wedge. Now, I’m 10+ years older. Very different experience as find I identify with Ackbar more.elizabeth davidson

And, snark.

In the future, everyone will get to slightly bastardize the original Star Wars movies for 15 minutes.Josh Hara
Yahoo headlines: "Man survives trash compactor" Me: Luke Skywalker?! Han Solo?! #itisreal #starwarsSarah Kufel
My boss just asked me to digitally insert him into an existing group pic. Do I look like George Lucas? #ifeeldirtyDan