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They were redesigning. Sneaky, sneaky… I had a few issues with the site last night, viewing it on a computer with an older version of Flash (hey, I’d upgrade if I could) but those are all pretty much gone now. It’s a vast improvement over the random Flash-and-planets front that they’ve been sporting since C4, and a lot more dynamic. Several sections are also sporting the new design, including news posts and Databank. (I do miss having a dedicated news page, but there’s always the archives.)

And from this end, at least, it seems the launch went fairly smoothly. (We had some ‘page not found’ errors last night, but they seem to have cleared up.)

(Mostly) complete screenshot is under the cut for posterity.

7 Replies to “ redesigns, streamlines”

  1. Interesting, I’m actually a fan of it. The main page is a bit long, but things are organized nicely.

  2. Too bad they haven’t changed pageslike the message boards that still have the old look plus old links on the side… ;)

  3. I’m with you on the whole Flash issue, although it does look…um, flashy.

    Maybe they could do a little overview on the blog to clue us old farts in on how things are organized?

  4. Just so ya know, we are actually planning a redesign of both the Forums and the user blogs.

  5. Interesting. I’m liking it so far. I can’t say I’ll miss the planets home page all that much–I never did quite figure it out.

    Some stuff seems to have disappeared–e.g. snapshot series and what not. I wonder if that’ll eventually be migrated…

    And thanks for the heads-up, Bonnie!

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